Boxing rumor mill: Manny Pacquiao’s next fight, Maidana vs. Broner rematch, Robert Guerrero’s contract

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The boxing rumor mill is back with the latest big buzz and hot news from the world of the Sweet Science. This time, there are plenty of big issues to discuss. That includes the next fight and opponent for Manny Pacquiao, the rematch between Marcos Maidana and Adrien Broner, and more. Take a look.

Manny Pacquiao’s Next Fight

Who is Manny Pacquiao’s next opponent? We know it’s not Floyd Mayweather, but nothing else has been confirmed.

However, talk is that there are two frontrunners to land the fight. The first would be Timothy Bradley, in a rematch of Bradley’s controversial win over Pacquiao from June 2012. Pacquiao would love to get a chance to erase that stain and set the record straight.

The second potential opponent in the mix seems to be Ruslan Provodnikov. Provodnikov, one of the breakout stars of 2013, holds a title in the junior welterweight division and has become a big name in the sport. The problem there is that despite the fact that each man is under the Top Rank banner, they’re also each under the Wild Card banner as well, trained by Freddie Roach.

They’ve been sparring partners for several years and have become close, and it would force Provodnikov to seek out a new gym and trainer. It would certainly be an exciting fight for as long as it lasted though.

Right now, Pacquiao’s next opponent is still being discussed but these two guys seem to be the leaders.

Robert Guerrero’s Contract

Another name who could actually be in the mix for Pacquiao’s next fight though is Robert Guerrero. Guerrero has been with Golden Boy Promotions, however, has filed a legal claim against them in an attempt to get out of the contract.

It’s unclear exactly where the unhappiness comes from – Guerrero was able to land a fight against Floyd Mayweather, after all, and enjoyed a breakout win over Andre Berto – but one line of thinking is that the Ghost is angling for a chance at Pacquiao. In order to make that happen, he would need to jump ship from Golden Boy to Top Rank.

Marcos Maidana vs. Adrien Broner Rematch

Marcos Maidana will get a chance to pummel Adrien Broner once again, as a rematch has been signed and sealed between these two fighters. Broner is looking to redeem himself and hush up his critics, and the near unanimous uproar of joy from fans who celebrated as he got taken down a peg or two.

The Maidana vs. Broner rematch will allow El Chino to capitalize on another big money fight and opportunity, although surely he could have gone in another direction as well and still landed a high profile fight. If you were Maidana, you’d think you wouldn’t give that guy another shot at this point. But he’s nothing if not a man who’s ready to back it up with his fists, so he’s not bothered by Broner getting another chance.

Plus, Broner apparently had a rematch clause, so it was kind of locked in beforehand. Maidana vs. Broner II will definitely bring in a large audience, and we certainly know who fans will be cheering on.

The exact date and site are still to be determined, although the fight seems to be set for April, and will be televised once again on Showtime.

Kizer Resigns from Nevada Commission

Another important piece of boxing news was the resignation of Keith Kizer from the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Kizer has been the face of the NSAC, one of the most important commissions, for quite some time, although certainly Vegas has taken its lumps in terms of boxing controversy, drug testing issues, and bad scorecards, like much else of the rest of the boxing world. An attorney by trade, Kizer is going back into practice and leaving the chaotic world of boxing, at least for the time being.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding Pacquiao’s next fight and the rest of our big boxing rumors.

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