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Bradley vs. Peterson Results

ProBoxing-Fans.com providing a full recap and results from the Timothy Bradley vs. Lamont Peterson title fight

On Saturday, December 12, the highly anticipated Timothy Bradley vs. Lamont Peterson junior welterweight title fight finally will take place. Both men looked ripped and ready at the weigh-in yesterday, and both men came into the bout sporting undefeated records. But which man would emerge victorious when all was said and done?

The bottom line with the Timothy Bradley vs. Lamont Peterson fight is that on this night, Timothy Bradley was the better man. Bradley had more energy, threw more punches, had better form and ultimately won the night. At the end of the night, Bradley retained his junior welterweight titles via unanimous decision with scores of 118-110, 119-108, 120-107.

Bradley put Peterson down via a right hand to the top of Peterson’s head in the third round. Peterson had previously been hurt in both the first and second rounds. However, he seemed to be off balance at the time of the knockout, and then came right back and started digging to Bradley’s body.

After that round, Bradley switched tactics from his aggressive, come forward nature to more of a boxing approach. He constantly moved in and out, switched from an orthodox stance to a southpaw approach and simply outworked Peterson. By the 6th round, Peterson was clearly gassed, unable to keep up with Bradley’s approach.

While he put in a ton of investment into the body work on Bradley, it never seemed to pay dividends. Peterson gained a second wind a few rounds later, however Bradley never let off the gas. He kept moving in and out, kept the work rate high, and kept his punches sharp.

What the Bradley vs. Peterson fight showed is that both of these men are world class, and that surely Lamont Peterson will be able to come back and fight for a title again. For the perpetually underrated Timothy Bradley, he still has his title, he’s still undefeated, and he’s not going anywhere. Whose got next?

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