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Bute vs. Johnson Video Previews, News Update & Pre-fight Feature

The Lucian Bute vs. Glen Johnson fight takes place this Saturday evening from Quebec City in Canada. With the IBF super middleweight title on the line, as well as Bute’s undefeated record, Johnson will be looking to score another big upset victory in a career filled with them. Right here, you’ll find two special video previews for Bute-Johnson. Take a look.

“Saturday night is business. Glen Johnson is the toughest opponent I’ve faced.” – Lucian Bute

“Fans obviously know they have an exciting fight. The sense of urgency is there.” – Glen Johnson

The first video is a news update featuring Al Bernstein talking about the fight, the fighters involved and more. He talks about how they both have a lot of respect for one another and more, and you’ll see some clips of both Bute and Johnson talking as well.

The second video is a special Bute vs. Johnson pre-fight feature video, and you’ll get up close and personal with both guys and get a peak at their training and some behind the scenes footage and more.

Enjoy both of the videos and tune into ProBoxing-Fans.com later in the weekend for full Bute vs. Johnson results and coverage.