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Callum Smith TKO1 Rocky Fielding: Photos and quotes

Credit: Mark Robinson

Callum Smith landed the British Super-Middleweight title with a stunning first round KO win over Rocky Fielding at the Echo Arena in Liverpool last night.

Smith floored Fielding three times in the opening session before referee Phil Edwards stopped the contest as Fielding beat the count but was on unsteady legs and shell-shocked from a barrage from the new British champion.

Callum’s win means that all four Smith brothers have been crowned British champion, but with his number one ranking with the WBC, the 25 year old will be looking to World title action in 2016.

Read on for photos and quotes from both Smith and Fielding in the aftermath to their intense one-round contest.



Callum Smith 

“I don’t know what it looked like from the outside but it felt exciting when I was in there as while it lasted. Credit to Rocky Fielding, he came out and we had a shootout and I think that’s what the public wanted.

“It was a good fight while it lasted and I’m pleased to get the win, it looks on paper like a one-round blowout but it’s a good win regardless of what round I put him away. I said in the build-up and it came across as a bit arrogant but I knew I was the better fighter and I just need the chance to prove it and I think I showed that tonight.

“I (didn’t) think it would finish in the first. I remember my brothers asked me a few weeks ago how I thought it would go and I said that with the crowd as soon as one shot landed it would catch fire and it will be over in the first four, but I would be a liar if I said I thought I would take him out in the first round. I thought it would be quick for four and then settle and at is where I would take over. I am British champion and for the four of us to get that and make history is something I’m very proud of.

“Joe said to me before if I do hurt him be careful going in and I was a bit reckless but I never expected to get him out of there in one round. When I landed I sort of jumped on him and ended up in a bit of a shootout which gave him a chance to get back into a fight, so it’s something I do need to learn from.

“I haven’t been pro for three years yet, its ten days short of three years since I made my debut, so I’m still learning. I am doing everything right at the minute and I do think 2016 is the year I can become a world champion.

“It is Rocky’s first loss and too many people write you off after a loss, it happened my brother Stephen, and look at him now. Without being big headed, Rocky has lost to a good fighter, not somebody he was expected to beat. I am sure he can go away, work hard and come back.”

Rocky Fielding 

“I am gutted. Hats off to Callum, he is a good fighter, and I knew I was in for a good fight. But that is boxing, one punch changed the game and fair play to him.

“I caught him with a good jab and I thought I had my rhythm but he let his shots go and he caught me. I recouped a bit and I thought I caught him but hats off, he is a big super middleweight and he caught me. I wasn’t hurt off it, I wasn’t knocked out.

“With me and him it was who landed first. I said all along I had power to catch him and hurt him and obviously he does too but he got me first and that was it. He will push on but I will be back and I will push on.

“I believe I am up there in the mix of things. I will sit down with Oliver and Eddie but I want a world-ranked fighter for my next fight, I am not going to go backwards. This is a defeat to a good fighter so I can learn from it and move on.”