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Cotto vs. Margarito Results & Round by Round Updates

Credit: Chris Farina - Top Rank

Miguel Cotto vs. Antonio Margarito 2 Results

The highly anticipated Miguel Cotto vs. Antonio Margarito II pay-per-view card will come our way on Saturday, December 3rd. Not only does the main event promise fireworks, but the undercard is stacked as well. Right here you’ll find our live Cotto vs. Margarito results and round by round blog, with live and continuous updates of the entire PPV all night long. Check it out.

Cotto-Margarito Scorecard


Miguel Cotto

Antonio Margarito
Credit: Chris Farina – Top Rank

Cotto vs. Margarito Round by Round Results & Updates

Rd 1: Cotto lands a sneaky lead right. Looking fast and bouncing on his toes. Jabs and lands. Margarito smiles. Cotto jabs a few more times. Circling, in and out, creating angles. Margarito has just thrown a few jabs. Cotto throws a combo, Margarito counters, then leads with his own 1-2. Cotto hooks off his jab, then goes to the body. Cotto lands a right, Margarito counters. Cotto lands a few more shots. Margarito lands a nice right at the end of the round. Good round for Cotto. 10-9 Cotto.

Rd 2: Cotto lands a combination, then warned by the ref for straying low. Margarito retaliates and Cotto motions to his hip, telling the ref where he’s getting hit. Margarito looking more aggressive in round 2. Cotto lands a nice right hand. Crowd going nuts every time he lands. Cotto landing with his left hook. Jabs, goes to the body, then back up with a hook. Lands another combo punctuated with a hook. Margarito just walking right in, Cotto opening up more. Circling around a lot. Can he keep this up for 12 rounds? Round to Cotto.

Rd 3: Cotto lands a 1-2, and another 1-2. Margarito is picking up his pace, storming forward. Margarito is bleeding around the right eye. Uh-oh, the NYSAC will be keeping a close watch on that. Margarito coming on stronger because of it. Margarito on the ropes, Cotto trading and swinging for the fences. Margarito comes forward, gets Cotto on the ropes. Margarito’s eye is bleeding more now. He smiles and storms forward. Cotto reels it in a bit, ties Margarito up and pushes him back. Margarito comes forward behind his jab. Gets his head snapped back with a Cotto jabbed. they clinch at the bell. Cotto’s round.

Rd 4:  Cotto lands a shot, Margarito shakes it off, but didn’t like it. Margarito just walking straight in. Still grinning. But Miguel is lighting him up right now. Margarito lands a few shots, but can’t find the big one he wants. Goes to the body and lands. Margarito’s eye bleeding worse now, dripping down his face. That grin won’t leave his face. Cotto lands, Margarito holds up his hands like big deal. Cotto lands again, Margarito whoops about it. Cotto’s round.

Rd 5: Cotto lands a 3-4 punch combination. Margarito goes to the body. Keeps walking forward. Jabs a few times, they’re all blocked. Cotto on his toes. Margarito gets Cotto to the ropes and lands to the body. Cotto lands, Margarito does his shake of the head routine. He smiles again. All creepy grins in there from Margarito. Cotto clinches with him. Cotto comes in and lands a lead shot cleanly. Margarito talking and talking, Cotto staying on his toes, slowing down a bit already, and Margarito coming forward more. Signs of a potential momentum shift going on, but Cotto’s round.

Rd 6: Cotto snapping Margarito’s head back with his jab. Margarito just coming right in though. Staying busy throwing arm shots, looking for a chance to throw something bigger. He lands 2 or 3 uppercuts to Cotto’s face. Cotto lands a few left hooks in return. They clinch and shove. Cotto not letting Margarito shoves him around, he shoves Margarito off. Cotto back on the ropes now, they clinch again. They wrassle around a bit, Margarito lands to the bod,y Cotto to the head. They trade at the bell, then Cotto dances on his toes. Close, but Cotto’s round again.

Rd 7: Margarito’s right eye is looking bad. It’s swollen shut it looks like. He’s still coming on though. Cotto changing up his movement, jabbing. Margarito lands a nice right hand inside. Cotto lands a combination. Breathing heavier now though. Margarito runs in and lands an uppercut to the body. Cotto with a lead right, partially blocked. Margarito smiles, again. Cotto keeps throwing, then keeps circling on his toes. Margarito lands a few uppercuts inside. Cotto lands his own shots. Cotto lands a right a bit after the bell. Cotto’s round.

Rd 8: Action continuing here in the 8th, then pauses for Cotto’s corner to fix up his tape. Cotto gets a breather, then starts dancing some more. Margarito’s pace has slowed down a little bit. Cotto lands, and he laughs and then bulls forward. Cotto steers him away though. Margarito clinches. His vision has to be suffering right now. They trade inside. Margarito just misses with a huge right as Cotto dances under it. Cotto lands a left hook. Margarito keeps coming, but the crowd erupts. Another Cotto stanza.

Rd 9: Big delay before Margarito comes out for the 9th. Doctor looks at his eye closely, finally lets him keep fighting. The two fighters engage. Margarito gets tangled up, almost falls forward. Margarito against the rope and clinches, throws to the body. They stay clinching, forehead to forehead now. Fight getting sloppy.  Cotto lands a few very nice shots. He’s going to the body finally. Cotto lands a big left hook, no more smiles from Margarito now. Cotto pushes Margarito back to the ropes. Margarito tries to fire back, then jabs. His eye is swelling badly now. Cotto getting more confident and Margarito getting more tired. Margarito lands a series of uppercuts in close, Cotto lands a nice 1-2 that snaps his head. Crowd is erupting. Big Cotto round.

There’s a big pause before the 10th. Doctor is really examining Margarito’s eye. He’s shaking his head, he wants to stop it and leaves the ring. But there’s confusion. Smoger doesn’t know what to do. Margarito’s corner is complaining. But the call has been made, and the fight is over. Cotto wins via TKO, and exacts his revenge.

Cotto TKO10 Margarito

For what it’s worth, this is the scenario I imagined being played out. In our staff predictions prior to the fight, I said: ” Knowing the limitations of that eye, and the pre-fight NYSAC license drama, the corner or referee may even stop this one if Margarito is beginning to look worse for the wear. Prediction: Cotto via late round TKO” Bingo folks.

Post-Fight Interviews

Cotto on Margarito “He means nothing to me”. He explains why he went to his corner after the fight was stopped and just stood there and stared. He wanted to taste that victory over him and enjoy it.

Cotto says he earned a good rest, and in a few weeks, they’ll go back and figure out what’s next.

Margarito says they were trying to protect Cotto, because he was coming on. He insists that he was hurting him, and that Cotto hits like a girl, and that’s it.

Then Kellerman interviews the doctor and gets an explanation for why the fight was stopped.

Undercard Results & Event Notes

12:05: Let’s get reaaady to ruuuumbbbbllleee! Go time folks. Margarito getting booed like crazy as he is introduced, and Cotto receives some hearty cheers of course.

12am: Margarito is making his entrance to the ring. All smiles. Very loose. Playing up the villain role which he has become accustomed to. Hair is in dreadlocks tonight, wearing a sequined red and green robe.

Cotto’s ringwalk now, coming out to the White Stripes. Polar opposite of Margarito. Dead set focus. Hard eyes. Wearing a sleeveless zip up hood robe in white, blue and yellow. Crowd goes nuts as he enters.

11:54 pm: Anthems done. Ring walks next. Crowd is pumped!

11:46pm: Michael Buffer is in the ring announcing some boxing greats in attendance, as well as those with strong ties to MSG during their careers, including Evander Holyfield, who made his pro debut there.

Mexican national anthem being sung now. Booed heavily as it begins. Now it’s Puerto Rico’s turn, with guitarist Christian Nieves. Now it’s US anthem time with Andrea Rosario.

11:37pm: Rios-Murray just ended, that means Cotto-Margarito is next! Here we go! Expect a bit of a delay though, as Robert Garcia has to get back to warm Margarito up beforehand.

11:15pm: We get some video of each guy’s dressing room. Margarito doesn’t have gloves on yet, and is just hanging out. Cotto was working the mitts, then stops to take a picture with Carmelo Anthony and Swizz Beats. With Robert Garcia working Rios’s corner here, there could be a lengthy delay between the two fights.

About 10 minutes later, we get Antonio Margarito in the dressing room getting a phone call from the first lady of Mexico, Margarita Zavala. Seems odd. But OK, whatever.

10:48pm: Wolak-Rodriguez is now over, and Rios-Murray is next.

10:24pm: Margarito’s hands finally being wrapped. Emmanuel Steward says see how closely Margarito is watching his hands being wrapped? You can’t tell me he didn’t know what was going on.

Great point. Then we see Cotto’s brother, Jose Miguel Cotto, wrapping Miguel’s hands.

10:12pm: We see referee Steve Smoger give Cotto his instructions in the dressing room.

A few minutes later, we get an update that neither Cotto nor Margarito have their hand wraps. Then we see a NYSAC official in Margarito’s dressing room, and Robert Garcia is getting worked up because the timing is bad, and Garcia has to work with Rios before his fight. Then, they agree to let in Naazim Richardson to watch the wraps and keep everything moving, so there you go….

And NOT YET. Now Richardson isn’t allowed in, and Cotto’s trainer is going to go and watch Margarito’s hands being wrapped. The saga continues.

10pm: Jones-Lujan now done. Wolak-Rodriguez II next. This should be a fantastic fight, very, very excited for it.

9:35pm: Now there’s some controversy backstage, as Naazim Richardson will apparently not be allowed to go into Margarito’s dressing room, as he is not officially involved with the bout. He and Cotto’s team are still pushing for it and arguing their case, but it may be a lost cause. We’ll hear more about that soon. … A few minutes later, Richardson is interviewed by Max Kellerman, and says he’s been denied access to viewing Margarito’s wraps.

9:18 pm: We see footage of Margarito entering the arena at about 8pm, walking in with his wife and greeting Brandon Rios and the rest of his team. Margarito is not wearing his sunglasses, but is wearing regular glasses. Then after the next round we see Cotto coming into the arena with his wife, kids and team. He looks perfectly calm and relaxed, casually strolling up wearing a tie and button up shirt.

It’s 9pm and the PPV is officially underway. Have already heard some interesting rumblings, such as the NYSAC having an additional doctor on hand just to watch Margarito’s eye during the fight, and that Cotto has brought in Naazim Richardson to go into Margarito’s locker room and watch him wrap his hands. The first fight is Jones vs. Lujan next.

Brandon Rios vs. John Murray Results

Rios of course was never able to make weight, so he was stripped of his title. Murray can still win it if he wins the bout though, but only at stake for him. Rios looks much healthier than he did yesterday, but still looks a bit drained in there. Let’s see if it affects his performance.

Rd 1: Both of these guys come out swinging. Standing right in the center of the ring and trading. Murray hits him low, Rios tries to shake it off. Rios throwing all power shots, big surprise. Lots of uppercuts from close quarters from Rios. Overhand rights too. Round to Rios, but close.

Rd 2:  These two are very evenly matched in there right now, but Rios definitely doesn’t seem to be at full force. The weight cutting took an edge or some energy off. These two just forehead to forehead and throwing shots back and forth. Round to Murray.

Rd 3: Rios starting to use his jab in round 3. He’s dictating now. Body shots then back up. Murray trying to grab Rios’s arm when he’s close and then throw with his other hand. Murray lands a glancing 1-2, then he starts dictating, goign to the body and head. Rios bloodies Murray’s nose. Throwing some hard shots now. Murray fires back, Rios turning again to the uppercut and landing.

Rd 4: Things slow down just a bit at the start of the 4th. Murray bleeding more. Trying to sit down on his punches and make an impact. Rios starting to look a bit swollen under his eyes too. These two are just digging at one another. Rios starting to breathe heavy. Murray’s round.

Rd 5: Murray looking sharper and faster right now. He is keeping his workrate up, Rios is slowing down. Rios just not working enough right now compared to the early going. Rios lands a big shot at the end, but another round to Murray.

Rd 6: Rios coming back stronger now. Looks more determined, throwing shots with bad intentions once again. Throws about 6 uppercuts in a row. Coming forward and throwing uppercuts. Murray is cut badly now, and his face is covered with blood. Rios likes it, and smiles and continues to pour on the pressure. Big round for Rios, and the fight is even through six.

Rd 7: Wow, Murray’s face is busted up BAD now. Both eyes are swollen and bruised, badly. His nose is gushing. Suddenly he got beat the hell up, and it reinvigorated Rios. Murray’s face is all blood. Murray gets a point deducted for throwing a low blow near the end of the round.

Rd 8: Rios continuing to get the better of things here. Lands a series of uppercuts. Murray fighting back though. Trying to dig in hard shots. Not throwing as hard or effective as he was. Another round to Rios.

Rd 9: Basically more of the same in round 9. Murray showing a ton of heart fighting on and pushing it. His eyes and nose all look terrible though. Rios losing a bit of his 2nd wind but still the stronger of the two.

Rd 10: Murray has lost a lot of his steam. He’s still giving it a go, but he looks gassed, and beaten up. Rios just putting in work. He’s tired too but he’s getting the better of it. They trade for the last 30 seconds of the round, Rios lands more.

Rd 11: Surprised the fight is still going on at this point. Murray’s face is wrecked. Doesn’t seem like he has a chance to turn the tide and win. And well, Rios seemed to hear us, and he turned up the heat and started smashing Murray repeatedly. The ref jumped in there and waves it off. Wow, Murray has been brutalized in there. Nasty stuff.

Rios TKO11 Murray

Delvin Rodriguez vs. Pawel Wolak II Results

Rd 1: Wolak immediately begins pressing right from the opening bell. Rodriguez trying to lay back a bit and jab. Wolak going to the body, working behind the jab. Rodriguez trying to time Wolak on his way in. Wolak’s round for his work rate and aggression.

Rd 2: Wolak living up to his name and bulling forward. Rodriguez pushing off and then throwing. Bends down too much and gives up his height to the much shorter Wolak. Rodriguez taking small steps back to lure Wolak in and then opens up. Better round for Delvin, but Wolak’s round again probably.

Rd 3: Rodriguez doing good work with his right uppercut. Lands it a few times, then following with hard shots behind it. Wolak already looking a bit bloody and swollen. Rodriguez showing off some nice hand speed and beating Wolak to the punch. Wolak still coming forward and throwing to the body. Rodriguez pushes Wolak off when he gets close then throws a combo. Sticks his jab out just to keep distance. Very nice round for D-Rod.

Rd 4: Rodriguez opening up and throwing very hard shots. Has really found his rhythm and style now. Uppercuts. Pushing Wolak off when he’s close, then throwing immediately. Wolak getting bloodier by the minute here already. Another Rodriguez round.

Rd 5: Rodriguez more comfortable opening up from the outside now. Wolak bloody here, but storming forward, going to the body. Hoping that investment tires Rodriguez out by the second half of the fight. They clinch a bit and then stand forehead to forehead. Another D-Rod round.

Rd 6: Rodriguez continuing to control the action. Using his height and reach better now, as well as his speed. Wolak coming forward but not being the Bull that he’s known to be. Comes on strong in the final few seconds, but round to Delvin again.

Rd 7: D-Rod throwing lots of combos. Then he’s backing up a lot more. Maybe he got tagged. He’s stepping straight back and bringing Wolak in. Then he stands his ground and lands a few crisp shots. Wolak still digging to the body. Close round. To Wolak as he changed the dynamics a bit there.

Rd 8: Rodriguez still stepping back now and then throwing. Surprised he changed tactics when he had been doing so well. Wolak traps him for a moment and lands a series of shots. Then Rodriguez lands a few crisp shots. Good action here in round 8, and it’s been a good fight, but hard to live up to the lofty standards of fight 1. Another very close round, to Wolak again, could have gone either way.

Rd 9: Rodriguez working behind the jab more now. Opens up with a series of shots. Not as much steam as they had before though. But Wolak has slowed too. Rodriguez keeping the distance between them to his advantage. Wolak lands a few at the bell, but a D-Rod round.

Rd 10: Shame this is only a 10 round fight. These two should have gone 12, and this also should have been the co-feature. Oh well. Both come out strong to start the final stanza. Rodriguez opens up and throws chopping rights and uppercuts in close. Pushing off and opening up more. The much busier and more effective fighter right now. Lands about a dozen punches in a row. Make that 20. 30. Still going. Referee looking on very close. Rodriguez just lighting him up. Wolak takes it all up though and finally breaks up Rodriguez’s assault. Delvin back to the attack now and landing a lot. Then he drops his gloves and dares Wolak to throw. All Rodriguez, he’s really trying for the stoppage and just tearing up Wolak. Wow, 10-8 round even without a knockdown. Wolak is all toughness and heart.

I have it 96-93 for Rodriguez.

Official scorecards: 98-91, 98-92, 100-90

Scorecards seem pretty wide there, but the right guy won the fight.

Mike Jones vs. Sebastian Lujan

Philly prospect Mike Jones comes into the ring with a t-shirt paying homage to Philadelphia icon Joe Frazier. Jones is huge compared to Lujan. Let’s take a minute to remember when the main eventer tonight, Antonio Margarito, punched off Lujan’s ear. Crazy scene. Anyway, Jones controls the action in round 1, using his superior size and speed to dictate. Hit him with a solid punch that briefly staggered him.

Lujan can’t get inside to get off his own punches against Jones. Jones too rangy, strong and fast for him. He’s unsure what to do. Jones controlling but taking his time and remaining calm, he has learned that lesson the hard way. In round 3 though, the crowd gets restless from a lack of action as Jones is not pressing his advantage too much and Lujan looks lost.

Lujan kicks things up at the start of Round 4. Dropping his hand and just bulling in, throwing body shots then going back upstairs. Probably won the round, his best of the evening so far. In the fifth, he tries to continue the tactic, Joens keeping his distance more. Catches Lujan a few times. Starts throwing some impressive combinations. Nails him with a straight right at the end of the round that has Lujan shaking his head.

Lujan went to the wrong corner after that round. But he seems fine. Jones bouncing around on his toes. Seems content to let Lujan work and maybe tire himself out. He’s not pressing the action for himself. Seems like he could much more. Crowd getting a bit antsy again. In the 7th, Jones responds to some of those boos and starts throwing uppercuts and connecting.

In the 8th and 9th, Jones controls things and the fight just continues along with the same pattern. Jones keeping his distance, jabbing, covering up when Lujan throws, then circling around. Controlling the fight but not impressing too much.

Same old same old here in the 10th and the 11th. Until towards the end of the 11th, things get a bit interesting. First Jones complains of a foul, then Lujan is on the rope waiting for a break and Jones decks him a few times and hurts him.

But onto the 12th and final round. Jones hurts him briefly in the middle and again at the end of the round, but that’s about it. Easy win, but not too impressive. Jones won about 11 rounds.

Official scorecards: 118-110 119-109, 119-109


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