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Cotto vs. Martinez predictions from boxing greats & celebrities

Credit: Chris Farina - Top Rank

One day before Miguel Cotto takes on Sergio Martinez, opinions are flying on who will emerge victorious. Below, please find some select celebrity predictions, including from some all time great boxers chiming in.

“Both are excellent fighters. And most have Martinez winning this match. And no disrespect to Sergio – who I love, but are you kidding me? How can I not root for my fellow Boricua?! I’d be run outta town! Win, lose or draw, Miguel Cotto!”

– Rosie Perez

“I’ve met both of these incredible fighters with such a wonderful demeanor outside the ring and the question is who has the most boxing ingredients left at this point in their career? Sergio always will have that power which never leaves a boxer even past his prime and Cotto will always have that knowledge to break down an opponent during the fight. A slight edge to Cotto but don’t bet the house. Good luck to two great fighters and decent men!”

– Sugar Ray Leonard

“I am a big Cotto fan. I think he’s out-matched in this fight. He’s the smaller guy plus his hand speed isn’t faster. I’d love for Cotto to beat this guy but I don’t think it’s going to happen.”

– Brandon Jacobs

“Sergio by close decision. He must use his smarts or Cotto will take it.”

– Micky Ward

“Martinez will take it. He’s bigger, stronger, and more physical.”

– Reggie Miller

“This will be a defining moment for Cotto. If he gives his absolute best and uses everything he has learned from his experience in boxing he will give a great account of himself. I would like to see him do well because he has gotten some bad breaks in his career. He is going to have to cut Martinez off in the ring because is a great mover. He’s like a tango mover when he boxes. My personal opinion I think this is going to be one of the greatest fights of the year. I am looking forward to taking my wife on a great date night to celebrate our fifth anniversary.” ​

– Mike Tyson

“It is an interesting fight for the boxing world and also for Team Cotto. Cotto should win by decision.”

– Felix Trinidad