Cotto vs. Trout weigh-in results, photo & video

Credit: Tom Casino / Showtime

The official weigh-ins for the Miguel Cotto vs. Austin Trout junior middleweight title fight were held on Friday afternoon in New York City. Right here, you can view the complete Cotto vs. Trout weigh-in results, including the weights for each fighter, a collection of weigh-in photos, and more.

Weigh-in Photos

Cotto vs. Trout – WBA Junior Middleweight Title

  • Miguel Cotto: 153.6 lbs
  • Austin Trout:  154 lbs

Trout initially was just slightly over the limit and then stripped off his clothes and had to step on the scales in his birthday suit, then hit it right on the dot.

The two men squared off after the weigh-in and had a good staredown, and they both look fit and confident, ready to go tomorrow night.

Steve Farhood and Paulie Malignaggi were on hand for the official weigh-ins, and it was a packed crowd filled with tons of fans taking in the festivities. Malignaggi offered his insight on fighting Cotto in Madison Square Garden… of course, that didn’t turn out well for him. Jimmy Lennon Jr called the action for the fans in attendance.

Cotto-Trout Weigh-in Video


  • Daniel Jacobs: 161.2 lbs
  • Chris Fitzpatrick: 162.3 lbs

Contracted weight was for 162 pounds. Fitzpatrick has to go back and cut a few ounces here.

  • Jayson Velez: 125.8 lbs
  • Salvador Sanchez II: 125.2 lbs

Alright, you should be all caught up and ready to go for fight night. Cotto and Trout square off on Showtime at 9 pm on Saturday evening, live from Madison Square Garden. Thanks for checking out our complete coverage of the Cotto vs. Trout weigh-in results and photos and check back in with us later in the weekend for the aftermath & analysis of the big bout.

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  1. I understand that MSG always has a large turnout when it comes to Cotto fighting, but that was just too many bodies or it was just too small of a stage for a weigh-in. I don’t order fights very often but I didn’t want to pass up the chance to save one of Cotto’s fights to my DISH Hopper. The TB hard drive finally lives up to my expectations of the kind of memory a DVR should have so that I can archive big events like this. One of my coworkers at DISH thinks that Trout has a chance against Cotto, and in a little bit we’ll see just how big of a chance he gets.

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