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Czar Glazkov vs. Malik Scott: Under the radar must-watch heavyweight clash this weekend

No one is exactly sure what will happen when undefeated heavyweight prospects Malik “King” Scott and Vyacheslav “Czar” Glazkov clash in the 10-round main event at The Paramount Theatre in Huntington, NY. Both fighters will bring their spotless records and polar opposite styles into the ring with them, but until they actually start trading punches, all we can do is speculate on the outcome. However one thing is certain, after 10 rounds (or less), our answers will come on the next edition of Fight Night on NBC Sports Network, on Saturday, February 23rd, telecast begins at 10:30pm ET.

Malik Scott, 35-0, 12 KOs, is an enigma. Even after 12 years as a pro and nothing but victories, no one seems to know exactly how good he really is. Scott is fast and rangy and likes to move around the ring keeping opponents at the end of his jab. He’s danced circles around almost everyone he’s faced, but has he really been tested yet?

Czar Glazkov, 14-0, 10 KOs, is a hard-punching, forward-moving, destroyer who’s stopped four of his last five opponents. In his last and most impressive KO just two months ago, Czar displayed a vicious body attack that forced highly touted Tor Hamer to quit on his stool after four rounds. The bout was televised nationally and introduced Czar to boxing fans across the USA. He appeared to have the goods, but for most watching , it was their first time seeing him. So can Czar impress fans again or was Hamer tailor-made for him?

In a “Boxer vs. Puncher” matchup like this one, anything can happen. Will Scott’s movement neutralize Czar’s power? Can Czar chase Scott down and bring the fight into the trenches where his power can make something happen?

Just because both fighters are undefeated it doesn’t mean they are unbeatable. The interesting thing about undefeated records is seeing how long they hold up. Both Glazkov and Scott will be holding tight to their record, but one of them will have to let go.

If either fighter falters badly in the bout, their reputation and upward movement in the ratings, will be ruined. Glazkov needs this win to prove his showing against Hamer was no fluke, while Scott needs to finally show the boxing world that he is for real.

Two careers are on the line, but only one of these fighters can come away with their future intact. With all of these factors in play and all of these questions begging to be answered, Glazkov vs. Scott is a fight that can’t be missed. After all the wins, hype, and expectations, only one fighter will step up and prove that he is ready for bigger and better things.