David Haye vs. Tyson Fury betting odds

Credit: Hayemaker Boxing

Betting Odds & Lines – Haye vs. Fury:

David Haye vs. Tyson Fury is a match which has fans torn, with plenty on each side of the fence. For some, Haye is too experienced, slick and athletic, and he’ll certainly prevail. For others, Fury is too confident, big and strong, and there’s no stopping him right now.

But what do the official Haye vs. Fury betting odds have to say? Take a look and see if there are any intriguing opportunities that you’ll want to jump on.

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Haye vs. Fury Betting Odds

Credit: Hayemaker Boxing

Credit: Hayemaker Boxing

  • David Haye: -350
  • Tyson Fury: +265

Haye vs. Fury Over/Under 9.5 Rounds

  • Over: +145
  • Under: -205


A few things jump out with the odds here. The first is that Haye is a larger favorite than many would have thought. Fury’s scare against Steve Cunningham certainly has something to do with that.

Will Haye be able to capitalize and strike early, knocking Fury out? That’s what the odds are telling ya, as the Under is actually the betting favorite, and not the Over. The other side of that coin is that some fans will believe that Fury has an excellent chance of hurting Haye, and stopping him before the final bell.

Still, Haye has also played “survive” against the behemoths of the division, and that may be his tactic here. So taking the Over, and getting some value on it, could be a wise decision.

As for who wins the fight, if you’re a Fury fan, you have to love backing him at almost 3-to-1, and if you’re a Haye fan, you probably wish the odds would drop a bit. Really it comes down to who you think will win the bout, how you think it’ll play out, and how these numbers move before fight night. There will definitely be some changes to those figures, so be sure to take a close look before you actually put your money down to see where the numbers lay.

So will the Hayemaker punch his way back into a match with the Klitschkos? Or will the undefeated Fury continue his ascent to the top of the division?

Whoever you’re backing, be sure to get in on the fun and utilize our exclusive 50% deposit bonus to bet on Haye vs. Fury to strike while the iron is hot!

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