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David Lemieux-Hassan N’Dam weigh-in results & photos

Credit: Eye of the Tiger Management

Hassan N’Dam (31-1, 18 KOs) and David Lemieux (33-2, 31 KOs) meet tomorrow night for the vacant IBF middleweight title at the famed Bell Centre in Montreal, Canada. The weigh-ins were held today, and right here, you can find the complete weigh-in results and photos.

  • David Lemieux: 160 lbs
  • Hassan N’Dam: 158.6 lbs
  • Dierry Jean: 135 lbs
  • Jerry Belmontes: 134.4 lbs
  • Luis Ortiz: 230.8 lbs
  • Byron Polley: 273 lbs

Also in action are Canadian prospects and up and comers including Schiller Hyppolite (167.5 lbs), Mian Hussain (148.7 lbs), Ghislain Maduma (140.9 lbs), Steven Butler (151.8 lbs), Ayaz Hussain (143 lbs) and Yves Ulysse (143.9 lbs).

DAVID LEMIEUX, IBF Middleweight Title Contender:

“I wouldn’t say I’m overconfident, I’m well aware of who I’m facing. There’s no such thing as overconfidence, at least not in my way.

“There were certain things I wasn’t able to do that I can now. I had a certain way of fighting, there were certain things missing, and now I can say that I am a complete fighter.

“My style’s different and my determination’s different. I believe I have more abilities than N’Dam does and I’ll show that. Just keep watching and you’ll see.

“My defense is my offence. Sometimes I take risks … for the fans.”

HASSAN N’DAM, IBF Middleweight Number One Contender:

“This is what I say to David Lemieux, you can study me, but you don’t know what I am bringing to the ring. You might get Muhammud Ali in the first round, Sugar Ray Leonard in the second, Floyd Mayweather in the third, but when you get N’Dam, he will be the hardest boxer you have ever faced.

“We are very excited about the fight, because we are coming in prepared and ready to take home the belt.”

“I will adapt to whatever style Lemieux brings. I can KO him in round one, or in any other round. He has never fought anyone with my skill set. Lemieux is coming into the deep end and I will prove he doesn’t belong here. I will show his handlers that he doesn’t belong at the top tier of world-class boxing.”

CAMILLE ESTEPHAN, President of Eye of The Tiger Management:

“I would like to welcome our partners Oscar De La Hoya , Bernard Hopkins, Eric Gomez from Golden Boy Promotions, they are part of our family.

“Golden Boy and Eye of the Tiger are cut from the same cloth; we care about the fighters and our fans. We want to give the fans the best fights possible, give them the best of ourselves.”

OSCAR DE LA HOYA, Founder and President of Golden Boy Promotions:

“It’s a great honor to be here today and be part of what we call history in the making. A world title is up for grabs and you have the best possible contenders fighting for it.

“David Lemieux is a tremendous power puncher. He is an all-around skillful fighter who will come with everything and put everything on the line to make his hometown proud.

“Hassan N’Dam is a Hungry and a lion, who is ready and prepared and knows what is a stake when he faces David on June 20.”

BERNARD HOPKINS, Future Hall of Famer and Golden Boy Promotions Partner:

“This event is historic; this title has been owned by the legends of yesterday and now these fighters are picking up a piece of history and build their own legacy.

“The middleweight division is one of the most exciting divisions in the sport. Fighters can punch like heavyweights and have the speed of the lightweights. You have the best of world worlds.”