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Does experience or youth have the edge as Tarver-Kayode & Quillin-Wright prepare for battle?


In addition to the amount of wins, losses or knockouts a fighter possesses, another number exists that is often discussed in the buildup to a prizefight: age.

However, history reveals that neither 43-year-old former Undisputed Light Heavyweight World Champion Antonio “Magic Man’’ Tarver nor unbeaten 29-year-old top rated cruiserweight Lateef “Power” Kayode will have a clear advantage or be at a distinct disadvantage when they clash in the main event on Saturday, June 2 on Showtime.

The same goes for the evening’s co-featured bout between 40-year-old former Undisputed Junior Middleweight World Champion Winky Wright and undefeated 28-year-old Brooklyn native Peter “Kid Chocolate” Quillin.

Boxing’s history includes many instances of fighters in their 40’s taking on 20-somethings, and SHOWTIME color commentator and boxing historian Steve Farhood assembled a list of marquee fights in which the result favored the more experienced fighters and the reverse, a list of bouts in which youth ruled the day.

20’s over 40’s:

WINNER                     AGE    RESULT         LOSER                                   AGE
Muhammad Ali           20        KO 4               Archie Moore                        48
*Chad Dawson          29        W 12                Bernard Hopkins                 47
*Canelo Alvarez        21        W 12                Sugar Shane Mosley           40
Joey Archer               27        W 10                Sugar Ray Robinson           44

40’s over 20’s:

WINNER                     AGE    RESULT         LOSER                                   AGE
*George Foreman     45        KO 10             Michael Moorer                     26
*Archie Moore           41        KO 11              Yvon Durelle                          29
Bernard Hopkins      43        W 12                Kelly Pavlik                            26
*Bernard Hopkins     46        W 12                Jean Pascal                           28

*Bob Fitzsimmons    40        W 20                George Gardner                   26

*Denotes World Title Fight

Clearly, there are plenty of examples on both sides of the situation here, and it’s all going to come down to the individual fighters in the ring on fight night. So who will prevail? Quillin over Wright? Tarver over Kayode? We’ll see on Saturday night.