Home News Erik Skoglund recovering from back surgery

Erik Skoglund recovering from back surgery

Credit: Team Sauerland
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Erik Skoglund (22-0, 11 KOs) is on the road to recovery, as the 23 year-old underwent surgery last Thursday to repair a herniated disc in his back. The operation was a success, and one week later the Swedish boxing star is beginning his rehabilitation at home.

“The surgery went well,” said Skoglund.

“My surgeon Gunnar Nyberg was really pleased with the results. He said it couldn’t have gone any better!

“At this stage, it’s still difficult to say for sure how long I’ll be out of the ring. It all depends on how my body responds to the rehabilitation, but it’s unlikely to be longer than six months.

“I’m already up walking and moving around, but that’s pretty much all I’m allowed to do. I will start some light work soon, just to activate my muscles, but I need to be really careful for the first month. I can’t risk pushing myself too hard and causing any further damage. I just have to take things slowly, step by step.

“If everything goes well, which I believe it will, I will be able to start some serious training in four months. Then I can use the summer to really push on, and get into even better shape than I was before the injury.

“Boxing is my life so it’s going to be a difficult time for me, but I have a great support network, with my family, friends and promoter Team Sauerland. I promise everyone that I will turn this into something positive and come back stronger than ever!”