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Eubank – Saunders isn’t mentally ready to face me; Saunders – He couldn’t break me with an AK47

Credit: Frank Warren

Chris Eubank Jr and Billy Joe Saunders will be out to steal the show on a truly mouth-watering evening of boxing this Saturday. Taking place at a 20,000 sell-out at ExCel London the pair have not minced their words in the run up to this year’s biggest and best British card, headlined by Dereck Chisora and Tyson Fury’s rematch.

But despite the heavyweight hitmen topping the bill, it is Eubank Jr’s and Saunders’ clash which could prove the fight of the night on a card stacked from top to bottom.

The duo have shown little regard for one another in the build up to their eagerly anticipated clash, with Eubank Jr adamant that the current British, Commonwealth and European champion has not got under his skin.

Final Chris Eubank Jr Quotes

“I can see he is not mentally ready to face what is going to be brought to him on Saturday night.

“I could see he’s not ready at the press conference, with his nervous laughing and talking like he is a school kid. It’s going to be complete domination on my part in this fight.

“From day one of my professional career I have had people saying all types of things to me – from social media to trolls to haters. They have always been insulting me, whether it’s because they doubt my abilities or they didn’t like my dad so they don’t want me to succeed.

“So I’m used to insults and immune to any bad words that are directed towards me. He is not getting to me but I am getting to him by not reacting to the dumb things he says.

“I don’t take advice – I know what I’m going to do. If I feel like I have to change a certain strategy or start doing something different I will do it. That’s the difference between me and Billy Joe he needs someone to tell him what he needs to do – I don’t.

“I never pick a round or say when I’m going to take someone out in but he will not go the full 12 rounds with me – I’m going to knock him out. He’s not going to have enough to deal with the firepower which I’m going to bring to him.”

Final Billy Joe Saunders Quotes

“I think you get more respect from the fans by taking on fights like this, where people can’t split you. I want to make sure everyone in Britain is beat so when I do move to world level people can say he beat everyone at his weight back home now he’s gone onto the world,.

“This is a fight the fans have been calling for and I’m happy we’ve managed to get this fight done – I honestly cannot wait to get in the ring.

The fight will allow the victor to go on to challenge the biggest names in the division next year, with Saunders, also 25, certain that Eubank Jr doesn’t know what is coming his way.

“It’s been a long time coming. The talking is done. This fight doesn’t need hyping up. I’m fit and ready to rock and roll. I’m going to poleaxe Chris Eubank Jr. Believe me I’m going to knock him out cold.

“He says he’s going to break my heart. He wouldn’t break my heart with an AK47. So he isn’t going to break my heart – that’s definitely sure. I know what I need to do in there. I’m relaxed, all the hardwork has been done and the job is going to get done on Saturday.”