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Evander Holyfield goes unrecognized by NBC Olympics coverage


The television coverage for the London Olympics has been criticized across many fronts: the events aren’t being broadcast on TV live, there has been a string of embarrassing mistakes and spoilers, and more. Well, you can add this to the list: The Today Show was asking random passersby for their opinions on the opening ceremony, and they happened to run into Evander Holyfield. Only they didn’t recognize or acknowledge him, at all.

Holyfield confirmed this on his Twitter account, and on Deadspin you can see the video.

You would certainly think that somebody would have picked up on this. Holyfield is still one of the most recognizable boxers on the planet, and he of course is a former Olympian himself.

Not being recognized by the cameras though certainly doesn’t bode too well for his mind-boggling quest to continue on with his career. Nevertheless, you can add this to the flubs that the NBC Olympic television coverage has produced.

Of course, when it comes to boxing at the Olympics, we haven’t been getting too much help from the powers that be. Most of the fights are being live streamed online, but not shown on the actual television channels. Meanwhile, the online feeds have been cutting out and fights have been missed.

That about sums up the shrinking role of boxing at the Olympics.