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Felix Sturm

Career Record, Profile & Bio for Felix Sturm

Felix Sturm (born Adnan Catic) is one of the top middleweight fighters in the world and currently holds the WBA Middleweight Championship belt. This talented southpaw is a three-time world champion who has held the WBO Middleweight Title as well as the WBA title twice.

Amateur Career

Sturm had an impressive amateur career in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, winning the 1998 German National Light Middleweight title and winning the 2000 European light middleweight championships as well. Sturm also represented Germany at the 2000 Olympic games in Sydney, eventually losing to Jermain Taylor. In 2003, he won the IBF Youth Middleweight Title

Professional Career

Sturm currently boasts an impressive record of 34-2-1 (14). In 2003, Sturm won the WBO Inter-Continental middleweight title, defeating the Argentine Hector Javier Velazco.

In one of the biggest fights of his career, Sturm faced Oscar De La Hoya in 2004 in defense of his title. De La Hoya won the split decision, but the decision was very controversial as Sturm was calculated to have landed 234 of 541 punches while De La Hoya landed 188 or 792, giving Sturm the edge in both punches landed and percentage of punches landed.

After losing his belt to De La Hoya, Sturm won the WBA title, defeating Maselino Masoe in 2006, but then lost it against Javier Castillejo via TKO later that year. After losing the belt, he won it back again in April of 2007, making him a 3-time world champion.

Since winning the title back in 2007, Sturm has not looked back. He defeated Sebastian Sylvester in 2008 then defended again against Khoren Gevor. After this fight, Sturm took some time off and came back in 2010 defeating Giovanni Lorenzo by unanimous decision, making him the WBA Super Champion.

What’s in Store

Sturm wants to be more than just a well-known fighter. He wants to establish himself as a high quality brand in German Sports and wants to be a German sensation. Sturm believes he is the best middleweight in boxing today and is looking forward to taking on the best the division has to offer. As much as Germany would love to see a fight between Sturm and Arthur Abraham, they must wait until the Super Six tournament is over. He also wants to take on Sergio Martinez or Kelly Pavlik but feels as if they wouldn’t want to come all the way to Germany to fight him. Sturm himself has stated, “I am willing to fight the best out there, the only question is, which of them is willing to fight me?”

Now that Sturm is back in action he has big goals for the middleweight division: a division that he is quite comfortable in. Look for the southpaw to put his skills to the test against some quality opponents in 2011.