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Final Pacquiao & Roach Video Interviews Before Fight Night


We have a few final video interviews for everyone before fight night is upon us. Here, you’ll find a video interview with Manny Pacquiao, and then two separate interviews with Freddie Roach. Have a watch and see what some of their final thoughts are before we finally get to see the bout we’ve been waiting for.

Video Pacquiao Interview

Freddie Roach Interviewed by Ines Sainz

The sexy Ines Sainz conducts this video interview with Freddie Roach from earlier in the week. But that’s not the only Freddie Roach interview we have for you, we also have former NBA star Jalen Rose interviewing Freddie Roach as well. Check it out, if nothing else the height difference between the two is pretty funny, but Roach also offers his usual insights into the fight, wanting Pacquiao to score the knockout and get the decisive win, and more.

So there you go, our final batch of Pacquiao vs. Marquez 3 preview videos and interviews. Enjoy, and fight night is finally, finally just about here.