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Floyd Mayweather vs. Andre Berto results & round by round updates

Credit: Esther Lin / Showtime

Mayweather vs. Berto Round by Round Results

The MGM Grand plays host to what is being billed as (but won’t be) Floyd Mayweather’s last fight on Saturday, September 12th, as he squares off against Andre Berto live on Showtime pay-per-view. Right here, we’ll have live event and and Mayweather vs. Berto results coverage all night long.

That includes for the entire legitimately action-packed undercard, with Badou Jack taking on George Groves, Roman Martinez vs. Orlando Salido in a rematch of a thrilling affair, and Jhonny Gonzalez vs. Jonathan Oquendo in another Mexico vs. Puerto Rico showdown. Find all of the results and our Mayweather-Berto live blog coverage right here.

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Mayweather vs. Berto Scorecard

Floyd Mayweather
Andre Berto

Mayweather vs. Berto Live Blog Results

Rd 1: Both men trying to claim centre ground. Mayweather establishes the jab well. Berto can’t find any openings.

Rd 2: Berto continues to try and shuffle Mayweather to the ropes but outside of a sneaky right hand he lands nothing. Mayweather puts on an exhibition of upper body movement and evasion.

Rd 3: Mayweather starts strongly with a right hand. He missed with a lunge and falls to the canvas. Very poor fight thus far with neither landing consecutive clean shots.

Rd 4: Berto sets a higher pace in this round, landing a couple of jabs. The best shot came from an overhand right by Mayweather that wobbled Berto, but Berto did more work.

Rd 5: Another nothing round. Berto hits Mayweather low and is called up for it by Kenny Bayless.

Rd 6: Mayweather plants his feet a bit more in this round, landing well to the body. Berto sets a high tempo but still finding concerted success elusive.

Rd 7: Berto flusters Mayweather with a right hand that momentarily troubles him. Mayweather returns fire, but he failed to land much. Berto round.

Rd 8: Mayweather lands but doesn’t follow up with any vicious intent. Mayweather showboats, perhaps out of frustration that he isn’t impressing as he should.

Rd 9: The pair trade and for a moment the crowd gets excited. Mayweather still doing the cleaner work but Berto setting the pace.

Rd 10: Berto again setting the pace. The two are talking to each other. Mayweather lands next to nothing.

Rd 11: Mayweather lands a lovely left hook lead. Follows up shortly after with a left uppercut. Mayweather wins his clearest round yet with clean boxing. Showboats at the end.

Rd 12: Mayweather stuns Berto on the ropes. Berto unsteady but Mayweather is unable or unwilling to finish and chooses to run and salute the crowd.


Undercard Results

Badou Jack vs. George Groves

Badou Jack
George Groves

Rd 1: Groves starts well behind a sharp jab, taking centre-ring and generally beating Jack to the punch. All going well for the Englishman until Jack lands a solid straight right, followed up by an overhand right, to deck the challenger.

Rd 2: A closer round as Jack remains calm on the back foot. Groves appears to have recovered. Tight round, could have gone either way.

Rd 3: Groves is intent on taking the fight to Jack, though is having difficulty evading Jack’s longer reach on the way inside. Jack landed the cleaner punches.

Rd 4: An improved round for Groves. His speed allows him to stick the jab, while Jack’s relaxed demeanour didn’t help him in these three minutes. Groves is expending noticeably more energy at this stage.

Rd 5: Highlight of this round was a short overhand right on the inside from Groves, who has visibly stamped his mark on the contest. A highly technical affair, Groves seems to be warming to the task as Jack begins to come forward.

Rd 6: Groves’ best round of the fight, as he outworks Jack from the outside. Groves’ right hand becoming more of a factor.

Rd 7: Jack has been less effective since assuming the role of aggressor. He bored in and made the round difficult for Groves, but the challenger boxed reasonably well.

Rd 8: There is a slightly inevitable air descending on Las Vegas as Groves looks extremely tired. Jack continues to take an aggressive stance and attempt to bully Groves.

Rd 9: Jack continues to press forward and lands some nice shots to the body. Groves looking weary from his previous exertions.

Rd 10: Jack beating Groves to the jab and hurting him to the body.

Rd 11: Jack swinging and missing as Groves looks temporarily rejuvenated. Perhaps sensing he may be behind, Groves boxes with energy and intent. Both miss wildly to finish round. It’s well set up for the final round.

Rd 12: Jack imposes himself on Groves with one-two’s and stiff, straight shots. Groves fires back despite evidently running on empty. The pair end by swinging for each other and a very good fight comes to an exhilarating conclusion.

Roman Martinez vs. Orlando Salido II

Roman Martinez
Orlando Salido

Rd 1: Martinez moves and used the ring well to keep Salido at bay. Fight threatens to break out when on the inside.

Rd 2: Salido pressing with intelligence and intensity. Lands a perfect right hand over the top of a Martinez jab.

Rd 3: Salido catches Martinez off balance with a straight right to the chest. The Puerto Rican goes down and it’s called a knockdown, though replays show a tangle of feet. Martinez levels things up anyway, catching Salido coming in and sending him to the canvas.

Rd 4: Martinez stuns Salido early with a straight right, but Salido comes back. Martinez using his awkward but effective footwork and reach cause Salido headaches.

Rd 5: Salido’s sheer volume of output leads to openings, and he lands a couple of stiff right hands that leave Martinez looking more ragged than usual. Salido’s best round and an excellent round of fighting it was.

Rd 6: Another non-stop round as Salido continues to press and Martinez tries to box. An even round.

Rd 7: Salido lands well to head and body. His left hook to the body and left uppercuts are causing Martinez trouble. Martinez returns fire with volleys of body shots but they are thrown more with hope than intent.

Rd 8: A relentless Salido showed signs that he may overwhelm Martinez in that round. The body shots seem particularly troublesome for Martinez. There were several moments where Salido threw five and six shots without reply.

Rd 9: Martinez leans on Salido and tried to bully him back only to be met by return fire. Salido is still the busier man, but Martinez gets the better of an incredible exchange to end the round.

Rd 10: A tight round just edged by Martinez.

Rd 11: The fight continues at a fast pace. It’s a wonder that both men have made it to the final round on their feet. A brilliant effort from both men. Martinez wins this one, just.

Rd 12: Very hard to split the two in a fantastic final round. Both trade at a constantly high tempo with Salido generally on the front foot. The Mexican arguably edges the round with a closing volley of punches.

Jhonny Gonzalez vs. Jonathan Oquendo

Jhonny Gonzalez
Jonathan Oquendo

Rd 1: Gonzalez puts Oquendo down with a lovely combination ending with a left uppercut. Oquendo comes back well.

Rd 2: Gonzalez down and badly shaken! Oquendo lands an overhand right, something which has been a real source of success for him. Gonzalez fights back but his legs are unsteady.

Rd 3: A better round for Gonzalez. Oquendo switches to southpaw during the round.

Rd 4: Gonzalez’s feet look back under him again. Moving and boxing well.

Rd 5: Tough round to score. Oquendo was slightly busier.

Rd 6: Even round, Gonzalez closes well with slashing left hooks.

Rd 7: Gonzalez ends round well again, separating himself in another close round. He rips Oquendo with uppercuts and left hooks. The Puerto Rican did well to stand up and remain reasonably composed.

Rd 8: Gonzalez again lands the more effective shots. Both have facial damage from their heads colliding up close.

Rd 9: Oquendo tries his best to get on the inside and negate Gonzalez’s longer reach. Doctors called to look at the Mexican’s bloody face, caused by accidental headbutts. Oquendo work rate just overshadows Gonzalez’s sharper punching.

Rd 10: Gonzalez looks ragged towards the end. Oquendo, surprisingly, turns southpaw again, reducing the possibility to land his most prominent punch – the overhand right. Nonetheless, he edges another competitive round.

Thanks for stopping by and hanging with us all night here for the pay-per-view event. Be sure to check back over the coming days for all of the aftermath and analysis from all of these fights and the Mayweather vs. Berto results.