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Floyd Mayweather vs. Miguel Cotto rematch now looms large

Credit: Tom Hogan / Hoganphotos / GBP

It’s June 6, 2015, eve of the annual Puerto Rican Day parade in New York City, and Miguel Cotto is defending the middleweight championship that he beautifully, forcefully took away from Sergio Martinez against Floyd Mayweather, in a rematch of their 2012 junior middleweight clash held in Las Vegas. That, as fight fans, is something we can only hope to see, and a Mayweather vs. Cotto rematch given the circumstances and venue could be a bout of absolutely epic proportions.

Mayweather vs. Cotto II at MSG in NYC? They’d have to close off parts of Manhattan for a fight of this magnitude. It’s also an event which would have huge implications for the legacies of each man.

The Implications

For Mayweather, he would find himself in position to potentially capture a middleweight title. And not just a fringe strap in the division, but the legitimate and linear world championship. It would be yet another crowning achievement for Mayweather, and would mean that he reigned from 130 to 160 lbs.

He’d also have the opportunity to move beyond his comfy MGM Grand confines, and into the cauldron that is a packed Madison Square Garden, with tens of thousands of Cotto supporters jamming the rafters. It’s something he has expressed a desire in previously, and it would be a scene entirely unlike anything he’s used to — he’d have to go up against the atmosphere along with the man staring him down across the ring.

For Cotto, now soaring under the tutelage of Freddie Roach, he’d have a chance at vengeance against Mayweather, and the ever-alluring possibility of handing him his first career loss. Cotto’s legacy has already been hugely enhanced by his win over Martinez, but a win over Mayweather? It would jolt him to an entirely new historical class.

Cotto is at his best at Madison Square Garden, and he’d be able to call upon his fans and the energy they gave him one more time, for a career-capping performance which rewrites the book on both fighters.

The Fight

This fight isn’t just about big names and big paychecks though, a Mayweather vs. Cotto rematch would be an incredibly intriguing bout. Their first fight was a closely contested win for Mayweather, who got hit and bulled around more than he would have liked.

Since, Cotto seems entirely transformed and rejuvenated, and at middleweight his size and strength advantage would be even more pronounced. While Mayweather hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down, Cotto has found a fountain of youth, and would at this stage present likely the toughest challenge of Mayweather’s career. Additionally, the image of Marcos Maidana tagging Mayweather and slowing him down with damaging body blows is fresh in everyone’s mind as well.

A rematch between Mayweather and Cotto at middleweight would be a difficult fight to predict, and would have experts split on its outcome.

The Problem

The problem that fans face is the typical absurdity that is certain factions of the sport refusing to work with one another. When Mayweather and Cotto fought in 2012, Cotto had just left Top Rank, and was a promotional free agent. He’s back under the Top Rank banner though, which effectively kills this fight before it ever happens.

It’s unclear if Cotto is committed long term to the company, or if he could go in another direction. Additionally, if Cotto was indeed contractually committed to Top Rank, then for a fight of this magnitude certainly he and Mayweather could find the cash, in the millions, to get them to step aside.

The bottom line is that Mayweather vs. Cotto II is now a fight that absolutely should get made. Let’s do this thing. I’ll see everyone at the Garden next June.