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Froch-Groves negotation update: IBF agrees Groves stays at 15%

Credit: Lawrence Lustig

The ongoing negotiating squabbles for a Carl Froch vs. George Groves rematch continue today. After Froch said he was going to move past Groves and onto Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., the IBF then ordered a rematch officially.

Now, the IBF heard arguments from the attorneys from Groves and Froch about just what the split on the purse would be. Despite the controversy of the first fight, the IBF ruled that Groves deserves no more than the standard 15% for a challenger ranked number 3 or lower.

Here’s what the IBF said in an official statement:

Earlier today the IBF/USBA Board of Directors reviewed the arguments of  George Groves and his attorney to increase his percentage of a potential purse bid split for the rematch with Carl Froch from the standard 15% for the boxer rated #3 or below to 25% .  Carl Froch and his attorneys argued to maintain the standard split of 85% to the Champion and 15% to the challenger.  The Board voted unanimously to maintain the 85%-15% split.

Considering the controversy of the first fight, and the public interest in a second fight, you would think that Groves would be able to demand a larger slice of the pie. But once you’re not negotiating freely and you’re staying within the confines of a sanctioning body’s purse bid and split rules, you’re stuck if that’s the route you end up going with.