Full video: Pacquiao-Bradley Face off with Max Kellerman

The Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley fight is now less than two weeks ago. Previously, the two combatants sat down with Max Kellerman to do the Face Off segment for HBO Boxing. Trainers Joel Diaz and Freddie Roach were also on hand. Right here, you can find the complete Pacquiao-Bradley Face Off with Max Kellerman video, about 15 minutes in length. Take a look.

The Face Off videos are also fun to watch, as Kellerman does a good job moderating the action between the teams, and you get to see what the fighters really think about one another, face to face. Sometimes, it can get extremely tense, as well as the case for the Miguel Cotto-Antonio Margarito Face Off. In other instances, it’s more laid back and friendly. Here, you can clearly see that both teams are extremely confident, and that Bradley isn’t going to be intimidated by the stage or by Pacquiao. He’s ready.

Enjoy the Pacquiao vs. Bradley Face Off with Max Kellerman video from HBO Boxing and keep on checking back for more boxing news updates all day, every day.

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