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Gatti Investigation: Not a Suicide; Brazilian Police to Reanalyze Case

The official findings from the highly publicized investigation into the controversial death of the late Arturo Gatti were that the death was, as most have thought for quite some time, not a suicide. There are several major points that led to this conclusion by the investigation team.

They include the fact that the wound on Gatti’s head would not have been caused by falling but instead is a blunt force impact, likely done before he was hung. The purse strap would not have been able to support Gatti’s body weight for a long enough period of time. The angle of his body and head are not consistent with a hanging. There were more points from there.

Brazilian authorities are now reanalyzing the case, and have not ruled out that charges could once again be brought on Amanda Rodrigues, Gatti’s wife. She had initially been arrested after Gatti was found dead, but was released after his death was ruled a suicide. But the case was clearly botched and mishandled, as evidence was not handled or evaluated appropriately. This has been show on HBO’s Real Sports and elsewhere, and is what led Gatti’s manager Pat Lynch to hire a team of private investigators to complete their own investigation.

Meanwhile, a civil trial is set to begin regarding Gatti’s money and how it will be distributed between Rodrigues, his children and the rest of his family.