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George Groves And Jamie Cox Are Ready To Do Battle

Photo Credit: skysports.com

The sports named boxing has been built on the weight of the boxers in the bid to make it a fair playing ground for all involved.  Before boxing went technical and scientific, it could have been so boring to watch fights between people in the category of today’s heavyweight and people in the featherweight category.

There may be some very rare upsets if that was the case. But there will always be undue advantages in favour of the heavyweight guys to knock down the featherweight people in the first round. So, the world of boxing has turned the weight thing into a very serious part of the game, in the sense that if you fail to make the weight requirements for the category you want to box in, you will not qualify.

So, yesterday, Jamie Cox and George Groves stepped onto the boards to show the organizers that they are still within the weight limit for the upcoming super-middleweight bout between them. It’s the World Boxing Super Series Quarter-Final, and will take place at Wembley Arena, this night. People who bet on boxing have started strolling to the bookmakers to wager their money. But the question of who will win the duel is still germane because, though many will like to point at the chances of the defending champion, there is no known favourite here.

George Groves is currently holding the WBA ‘super’ title, and when he stepped on the weighing board, he came out at 167.1bs. After that, it was time for the man who will be challenging him in the ring today, as Jamie Cox came out at 167.8lbs.

While Groves is holding the title and is willing to defend it, it will be good to note that Wembley Arena did not hold any fortunes for him last year. He had a lot of difficulties fighting Eduard Gutknecht, and many people remember this whenever the venue for today’s match is mentioned.  However, the 29 year old has come out to say that his entire focus is on fighting and winning in his home city. He said he is inspired by what he has achieved at the higher level. He has a lot to think about, and feeling nervous about going back to the arena isn’t one of them. To calm him down, he said sleeping in his personal bed before the fight and making the final preparations at his gym does it all.

He said he has worked hard to become a world champion and he is also working hard to nick this one. He talks about feeling great, his experience, and how he knows what it takes to win the trophy. At the end of the interview, he said he can’t wait for the tournament to happen. So, will your bet sports be on him to win?

It would be recalled that the man he will be fighting was his England amateur teammate, who is looking forward to an upset. When questioned, Cox talked about how relaxed he is. This is the first time the 30 year old will be fighting for a world title.

He said his team, family, friends and well-wishers are around, so he is fired up to go. He said this is his first world title, and he is prepared enough for it. He talks about how George looked scared when he looked into his eyes. So, he hopes to win hugely.

The winner of the fight between the two will face Chris Eubank Jr in the next round of the WOrld Boxing Super Series.