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Get to know The Swedish Princess, undefeated female fighter Klara Svensson

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Interview & Photos: Klara Svensson

Klara “The Swedish Princess” Svensson is an undefeated (13-0, 5 KOs) female fighter fighting in the junior welterweight division. At 26 years of age, Svensson has been advancing through the ranks, although boxing is only one half of her life.

Svensson, known for her beauty as well as her fierce fighting, also spent years working at Estée Lauder as a beauty advisor, and has plans to begin her own perfume brand — if her sensitive nose can survive the ring, that is!

While she acknowledges that “there are great contrasts between giving a black eye and selling products concealing black eyes”, for her, it all makes sense, and she doesn’t buy into any stereotypes. She has a growing fan base, and fights under the Sauerland Promotions banner.

Here, get to know the gorgeous Svensson with a recent interview we conducted with her, and enjoy some photos of her as well. You can also follow her on Instagram, @KlaraSwedishPrincess, and check out her official website here.

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You’re 13-0 and starting to move up the women’s junior welterweight rankings. What are your plans for the year, and do you see a title shot in your near future?

Klara Svensson: I’m gonna keep that ‘0’, but of course work on increasing 13 to a higher number. I don’t think it’s impossible for me to get a shot at a title before this year is over. I have the WBC silver belt and I’m eager to fight for the gold. I am ready for the opportunities that I’ll be given.

What’s it like for you as a Swedish female fighter, and now having the opportunity to fight on large Sauerland cards such as the Nordic Fight Night series?

KS: I started out fighting my first pro fights in Germany, which is a great boxing nation. Now after joining Team Sauerland I have Swedish, Norwegian and Danish TV broadcasting all my fights. I moved to Copenhagen where Sauerland opened up a new gym, and here I’m working with my American trainer Joey Gamache. Nordic Fight Night is a great platform to make people watch pro boxing, and Sauerland knows how to put on a great show.

How did you originally get into the sport of boxing?

KS:I was what you call a typical tomboy, played soccer with the boys in school every day. I didn’t know anybody who boxed, but I’d always had a secret fascination for the sport. I found out that there actually was a boxing club next to my soccer club. From the moment I’d put the gloves on I was hooked, the intensity of the sport suited me from start. I was also lucky to come to one of Sweden’s great trainers, Christer Ekberg. He is still in my corner assisting during my pro fights and an important mentor for me.

You’ve won medals at multiple amateur championships, a silver and a few bronzes as well. What are your ultimate goals as a professional?

KS: My main goal is to win that world title and see my name ranked as number 1. It is also on a personal level the challenge of developing my style, getting physically stronger and becoming my absolute best in the ring. As an amateur I felt that I could win fights a lot on speed, talent and a strong mentality. In pro you need a broader range, harder punches and a bigger game plan.

Boxing isn’t a full-time career for you. You also work for Estee Lauder Cosmetics. What’s the balance like for you with those two roles?

KS: I worked with Estée Lauder for many years during my amateur career and also the beginning of my pro career. To me it was the best of two worlds, looking from the outside I’d agree that there are great contrast between giving a black eye and selling products concealing black eyes, but to me it made the perfect balance. Sadly now I don’t have the time to work with EL, all my hours are put in the gym and I’m fortunate to being able to to focus on that 100 %.

My plan is to work with my own perfume brand after my pro career, that is if my sensitive nose will survive through the punches. I try to discuss perfume with the guys at the gym, but they don’t seem as passionate (laughs).

KS: Of course, as you just mentioned, those are very different types of positions, and most people would find it surprising to see you involved with both. What’s your response to the potential curiosity that fans have at your two different chosen paths?

There are stereotypes of how boxers are or what they look like. I understand that there is a great difference in putting the right shade of lipstick on a customer and countering someone with a perfect uppercut. But to me it makes perfect sense. I guess I have two sides of me, the sweet vanity and the aggressive competitor.

Do you feel, in your role as a rising female boxer, you’ve faced any additional challenges due to your other career?

KS: I felt that there wasn’t enough time to both, having the opportunity to box for one of the biggest promoters is a once in a life time chance. Becoming the best in either field provides focus in that area. My prime time to become the best athlete I can is now, working in the cosmetic field doesn’t seem to rely so much on stamina and muscle explosivity so I reckon I can do that after I win my titles.

Do you have any plans to fight in the US or try to break out with the American audience?

KS: I would love to fight in the US! It is one of a few countries I still haven’t fought in so that would be awesome. We will see what the future brings, I’m open to go everywhere for a good fight.

Looking ahead, maybe 5 or 10 or however many years, what do you hope you will have accomplished in the sport of boxing?

KS:I want to look back on having those big fights where I proved to myself and everyone that I am the best, winning those titles and retire unbeaten with a smile on my face.

When can fans see you next, and what can we expect?

KS: I am waiting for my next fight date, so hopefully I can tell when and who soon. I’ve been doing a lot of new physical training, and also had a lot time on the pads with Joey in the gym. Working on the small technical details that make the big difference up in the ring, you will see a better and more hard hitting Swedish Princess than ever.