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Golden Boy and Team Khan Withdraw IBF Appeal

Due to the fact that there was only to be partial representation of fight officials who were involved with the December 10, 2011 Amir Khan vs. Lamont Peterson bout at tomorrow’s scheduled appeal hearing of the fight’s outcome before the International Boxing Federation (IBF), Golden Boy Promotions and Team Khan have decided to withdraw their appeal and focus their full attention on Amir’s next fight.

Golden Boy Promotions and Team Khan are pleased to have been vindicated by the World Boxing Association’s (WBA) recent decision to mandate an immediate rematch and still hope that Mr. Peterson will honor earlier statements in which he asserted that he would be happy to agree to a rematch.  In that vein, Golden Boy Promotions and Team Khan would agree to a 50/50 split of worldwide revenues derived from a rematch (including those derived from the United Kingdom) should Mr. Peterson agree to participate and hope that this will be both financially and professionally satisfying to Mr. Peterson and his team.

It’s not surprising that Khan’s team if foregoing the IBF appeal at this point in time. With the WBA already mandating a rematch, what does it matter if the IBF does or does not? If Peterson keeps his belt, then both will be at stake in either event. Furthermore, Khan is still planning on a move up to welterweight in short order, so collecting junior welterweight straps isn’t his highest priority for this rematch.