Great American Heavyweight Box-Off coming in 2013

The Great American Heavyweight Box-off

Veteran promoter/matchmaker Don Elbaum will host a press conference Wednesday, January 16 at the world famous Gleason’s Gym in Brooklyn (NY) to make a major announcement regarding the creation of The Great America Heavyweight Box-Off (TGAHBO). The tournament will launch in early 2013 and it has been planned as an annual event.

Elbaum will reveal details of the tournament, including the tournament purse structure, including a $250,000 winner’s purse, as well as projected dates, venues and other pertinent information. The eight participating American heavyweights, plus one reserve in case of injuries, will be announced and most will be in attendance.

This is something that I think all fight fans can get behind, as long as the structure of the tournament is good, and the fighters are high class. We’re always clamoring to see guys get in there and mix it up, and determine who really deserves their status and recognition. While I doubt any of the absolutely top tier of the American heavyweights will be in there – Bryant Jennings, Deontay Wilder, etc. – hopefully there will be a good mix of contenders and talented fighters.

Another question we’ll find the answer to is whether this will be closer in format to the one-night Prizefighter tournament, or the round-robin Super Six Tournament, or something in between.

We’ll learn more a week from now, so be sure to come back to for more breaking boxing news updates.

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