Home News HBO Boxing Brandon Rios “portrait of a fighter” video segment

HBO Boxing Brandon Rios “portrait of a fighter” video segment

2 days – Portrait of a Fighter Brandon Rios

Take a look at this special video segment from HBO Boxing on Brandon Rios. It’s part of a new series of 15-minute clips they are doing featuring specific fighters, and this one focuses on Bam Bam, Brandon Rios. It’s called 2 days – Portrait of a Fighter, and it brings you behind the scenes and into his life. What’s most ironic, and interesting, about this one in particular is that it focuses on Rios’ well-documented struggles to make lightweight, and how he was unable to do so in his last fight against John Murray.

Now, of course, he’s slated to face Yuriorkis Gamboa at 135 lbs, and the biggest question in the fight seems to revolve less on in-the-ring boxing or skills, and more on whether or not Rios will be at full strength due to cutting weight. Watch the video right here and feel free to chime in with your thoughts on it, and the upcoming Rios vs. Gamboa clash.

Gamboa, a top 10 pound for pound fighter, will jump up two weight classes to pit his speed and flash to the test against Rios, the top fighter at 135 lbs (give or take the weight, anyway), and his grit, aggressiveness and power. The major struggle is what is shown in this video though: will Rios make weight? Will he be drained, giving Gamboa an advantage, or at the least taking away his own advantage in his size and strength?

We’ll find out soon enough. In the meantime, enjoy this really nice 15 minute clip from HBO on Rios.