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Huck vs. Minto Press Conference Quotes & Photo

Huck: “I Will Wear Minto Down”

WBO Cruiserweight Champion Marco “Captain” Huck (28-1, 21 KOs) and American challenger Brian “The Beast” Minto (34-3, 21 KOs) today came face-to-face for the first time ahead of Saturday´s world title clash in Oldenburg, Germany. Just like yesterday at the press training, Minto was again wearing dark sunglasses – but only until Huck took them off him during the stare-down. “I wanted to see his eyes,” the champion said. “And he should get a good look at me so that he has an idea of what will be waiting for him on Saturday. I never underestimate any opponent, but Minto will not be leaving with my title, you can be sure of that.”

Huck vs. Minto Press Conference
Credit: Team Sauerland

Huck has predicted to personally make Minto pay for retiring German legend Axel Schulz back in 2006. “I cannot understand why he wants to do that,” Minto said. “This is a completely different fight and has nothing to do with Schulz. I am in great shape and I am here to win the title.” Yet Huck feels he owes one to Schulz. “I was a big fan of him and I really wanted to see him fight again, but Minto spoiled his comeback. Now I will make him pay big time.”

Meanwhile, Pat Nelson, Minto´s manager, expects an exciting battle. “Huck and Brian have very similar styles so it will be an action-packed contest. Brian has not come all the way to Germany to lose – he is here to win the title.” Said Ulli Wegner: “Minto is a strong opponent, but Marco has continued his impressive development. He has matured as a fighter, inside and outside the ring. He certainly got what it takes to beat Minto, but he needs to stick to the game plan.”