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If Zab Judah is Super Once Again vs. Michael Clark, Huge Junior Welterweight Matches Could be Looming

-Zab “Super” Judah’s comeback rolls on October 2, 2010 in a tune-up fight against Michael Clark, which could lead to a showdown with one of the top Junior Welterweights in the division-

“Super” Judah is set to go into the ring on October 2, 2010 hoping that lightning will strike twice as he looks to put on another outstanding performance at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ, when he will face fringe junior welterweight contender Michael Clark. Zab is still gleaming with confidence after his impressive third round stoppage of Jose Armando Santa Cruz, but even though Judah has looked like a world beater in his comeback, “Super” Judah’s new life in the 140 pound weight division is still in question because he has not faced the top guys in the division as of yet After his destruction of Santa Cruz back on July 16, Judah claims that he is the best Junior Welterweight in the division, period.  So what will Judah need to do to prove this?

Credit: Emily Harney

First, Judah will need to get past junior welterweight contender Michael Clark on October 2, and win in spectacular fashion. Michael “Cold Blood” Clark is a junior welterweight contender who has held several regional lightweight titles. Many boxing fans remember Michael “Cold Blood” Clark from the reality boxing show Contender back in 2006 where he faced off against Cornelius “K-9” Bundrage, in a fight where Clark was held on the inside by Bundrage and also was exposed to some dirty tactics.  Clark was knocked down in the fifth round which led to “K-9” Bundrage winning  the fight by a fifth round majority decision, which stumped Clark’s Contender chances.

After the reality show, “Cold Blood” Clark has fought eight times and has looked more cold than cold blooded.  Within those eight fights, Clark was involved in a no contest, a draw, and was stopped in the first round by then undefeated junior welterweight contender Mike “Mile High” Alvarado who has since moved up to welterweight. So does Clark pose any type of threat to Judah come October 2?

No!!  The only chance I give Clark in this fight is if he can possibly take Judah into the later rounds so that the boxing world can see whether or not Judah’s new found stamina is real or fairytale, because we all know when it comes to stamina, the truth will always be told in the ring.

I expect Zab to overwhelm Clark with his speed and hard combinations. Clark is a decent boxer, but at the end of the day, I feel that Zab will be too “Super” for Clark, thus, lightning will indeed strike twice at the Prudential Center, as I predict that Zab will put on another spectacular performance against the aging junior welterweight contender Michael Clark.

So what will be next for Zab once he gets past Clark?

Zab will probably get a big fight will one of the top junior welterweights in the division, but which one? Well, Zab’s stock has gone up considerably since the destruction of Santa Cruz.  Even some welterweights such as Andre Berto were an option, but Berto’s promoter Lou DiBella was not interested in Berto going south seven pounds to face Judah.

The big fight that will make sensefor Judah in the junior welterweight division will be Amir “King Khan” Khan because the other two top junior welterweights, “Alexander the Great” Devon Alexander and Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley are most likely to turn their attentions to each other in a mega-fight.

I would love to see Zab fight “King Khan” because like I said earlier, if Zab has some newly found stamina, it will definitely be tested against a fighter like “King Khan”, who will throw multiple combinations and apply effective pressure that Zab has had problems with in the past. Remember, even though Zab has looked great in his comeback, he still has not gone into deep waters, so let’s see how Zab responds if he is finally taken there.

If Zab can capture his old magic and move past this type of huge test against a fighter and young gun like Khan, then I feel that Zab indeed is ready to conquer the junior welterweight division. No matter who Zab faces next after Clark, I hope that Zab is mentally and physically ready to take on the top junior welterweights in his renewed quest to reign as junior welterweight king.

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