Jennifer Lopez photo shoot as a sexy boxer for V Magazine

Credit: Mario Testino - V Magazine

J Lo Sexy Boxing Photos & Video

It’s not often that us folk here in the boxing world get to sit down and write about somebody like Jennifer Lopez. So, it is with great pleasure that today changes that pattern, and right here we have a special photo gallery from J-Lo and the latest edition of V Magazine. Lopez is in a variety of photos posing as a sexy, and scantily clad, female boxer, sporting gear from Cleto Reyes. If Cleto Reyes has ever had better marketing or promotion, I’ve never seen it. Take a look at the J Lo pictures from V Magazine right here.

The story in V Magazine, which you can find here, is called The Lady is a Champ, and it talks about how J-Lo has always considered herself a tough girl from the Bronx. She also has plenty to say about her career. In terms of dressing up as the sexiest women’s boxer of all-time, this is what she had to say:

“I can take a lot of punches and still keep going,” she says. “I’ve been trained like a boxer to go 15 rounds.”

When given her choice of groin protectors—those daunting don’t-mess-with-me-anatomical cups— in black (the men’s ver- sion) or red (the women’s), she preferred the men’s style. “I thought it was more graphic,” she says simply.

Was it that straightforward, really? A woman in full-blown menswear even now has an added element of strength. A cross- gender image in boxing garb suggests a heightened sense of self-assuredness, power, and swagger. “It did make me feel tougher,” she admits.

Ironically, the same day these photos came out, the AIBA announced a decision about the attire for women’s boxing at its Olympic debut this summer at London 2012. They have now decided, after much controversy, that women boxers in the Olympics will be able to choose their preference of wearing shorts or skirts.

These Jennifer Lopez pictures have definitely generated a great deal of buzz, and they’re something that us boxing fans will definitely remember. I’ll never be able to look at my boxing gear the same way ever again. What about you? Well done, V Magazine and J Lo.

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