Home News Johnriel Casimero to face McWilliams Arroyo, winner to shoot for Ruenroeng rematch

Johnriel Casimero to face McWilliams Arroyo, winner to shoot for Ruenroeng rematch

Promoter Sampson Lewkowicz says his fighter, former Light Flyweight titleholder Johnriel “Quadro Alas” Casimero, will not pursue an immediate rematch against IBF flyweight titleholder Amnat Ruenroeng, but will instead look for a more lucrative match against Puerto Rico’s McJoe Arroyo.

Calling it the “business-wise career path” for his 25-year-old fighter from Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines, Lewkowicz says the well-deserved rematch against Ruenroeng will have to be put on hold temporarily.

Casimero lost a highly questionable, foul-filled 12-round decision to Ruenroeng at the Hua Mark Indoor Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand, on June 27. The bizarre fight included the champion being warned by referee Larry Doggett five times for wrestling Casimero to the canvas before being penalized. In an abysmal refereeing performance, Doggett also gave Ruenroeng credit for a non-knockdown push and ruled a legitimate knockdown against the champion a slip.

“Despite the injustice done to my fighter last June, we are putting our pursuit of a Ruenroeng rematch on the back burner in favor of a better opportunity to face McWilliams Arroyo,” explained Lewkowicz. “We were offered another fight in Thailand to make up for the fiasco that occurred in the first fight, but what’s to stop it from happening a second time?”

Arroyo (also the victim of a questionable decision against Ruenroeng last year) and Casimero will instead face off at a soon-to-be-announced time and place later this year.

“The winner of Casimero and Arroyo will then look to rematch Ruenroeng on neutral ground in the United States early next year,” continued Lewkowicz. “Sometimes putting your frustration and disappointment away for a better time make more sense for the fighter’s career and this is what we are choosing in this case. John Riel will get his justice eventually and he will get a huge opportunity to face Puerto Rico’s Arroyo. Out of a bad situation will come two of his biggest victories.”