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Jose Peralta ready to upset Chris Algieri on NBC Sports Fight Night

On the next NBC Sports Network Fight Night telecast, Saturday, February 23rd, the nationally televised co-feature is a critical 10-round matchup between two young fighters on the brink of a big boxing breakthrough.

Dominican born but Jersey City based, Jose “Mangu” Peralta, 10-1, 6 KOs, enters the backyard of undefeated Chris Algieri, 15-0, 7 KOs, for a showdown of hot junior welterweight prospects at The Paramount Theatre in Huntington, NY. the live telecast begins at 10:30PM ET.

“I have to fight him in his hometown,” Peralta said, “but I don’t worry about that because there are only two people in the ring – him and me. He’s going to enjoy the crowd, but I’m going to enjoy the “W”. I’m going to win the fight.”

In addition to the home field advantage, Algieri also brings edges in experience (4 bouts) and size (4 inches) into the fight. However, Peralta refuses to be concerned about such things, and insists that none of these on-paper advantages will help his opponent defeat him.

“Boxing is my life,” Peralta said. “It’s all I do. Boxing means everything to me. I don’t worry about his height. My sparring partners are the same height. I don’t pay attention to videos or the opponents he faced before. I’m ready to fight and I’ll be ready for business.”

The hard-working Peralta sees the nationally televised fight as his chance to get some attention and advance his career.

“I feel like this is my opportunity, my time to shine,” Peralta said. “It’s Mangu Time! I got no limits and I’m really prepared for this fight. Training camp went really well. I trained like never before in my life. I’m really excited and won’t let my people down.”

Peralta has won his last eight fights in a row, and if he can topple the highly regarded Algieri, Mangu may see some important doors open for him.

“I am ready to grab this win and then continue to train harder and harder,” Peralta said. “I’ll (eventually) be the best at 140 pounds. I have no limits. He’s never fought somebody like me. I’m too hungry. This is my opportunity, and I won’t let it go.”