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Judah vs. Malignaggi final presser quotes, photos & video

Credit: Tom Casino / Showtime

Today in Brooklyn, New York, the final press conference was held for Saturday night’s quadruple-header, headlined by Zab Judah vs. Paulie Malignaggi, and featuring Devon Alexander vs. Shawn Porter, Sakio Bika vs. Anthony Dirrell and Erislandy Lara vs. Austin Trout. Check out all the quotes from the fighters, as well as photos and videos of the presser as well.

Zab Judah

“I’m the real Brooklyn, New York.

“This is my office. They built this arena for me and on Saturday night I’m going to show the world why.

“We’re in a gladiator sport. We have to fight to the best of our abilities. People want to see tough fighters with skills. Even though my last fight was a setback, it still got me back here today.

“Paulie wasn’t born here, he migrated from somewhere else. To me if we were comparing sneakers I’d be Jordans at Foot Locker and he’d be Canal Street, he’s not authentic.

“I’m authentic, I’m from here. I’m born and raised here.”

“I feel great because I know we’re going to have a Brooklyn champion in myself.

“I’m going to make sure Paulie’s job [as SHOWTIME announcer] is locked in stone. After this he’s going to be a full-time commentator.

“I came up doing this, I probably have more street fights than I have gym sparring sessions. You can ask anyone in my neighborhood, I was fighting anybody. I’m 36-years-old. I’ve never done anything but box.

“This isn’t a game for me. People keep saying this fight is friendly but at the end of the day these are the old Roman days. Only thing different is I can’t behead him, so I’m going to knock him out.

“I do the impossible. I’m the only one to put more hands on Floyd Mayweather than anyone ever has.

“I don’t like to talk too much, but I’m ready.

“I love this, I’m good at this, we’re the headliners.

“I know that this is a special opportunity for me, it’s the opportunity to crown yourself the King of your city.”

“This is the old Roman days, there can only be one king and I’m taking it back to that. Saturday night, I’m back.”

Paulie Malignaggi

“Team Malignaggi worked really hard this camp and we’re ready.

“I was blown away to be in the main event of such an incredible card. When I saw the co-features I said ‘Wow.’

“Seeing everyone come up here [to the podium] one-by-one really lets me know how amazing this card is.

“It humbles me and blows me away that I’m still fighting with these top-level athletes.

“Me and Zab have had a lot of longevity across these years. The fact that we’re still at this level speaks volumes about our skills, determination and ring savvy.

“Camp has been hard. I was very motivated, even without a world championship on the line. Zab is right, there can only be one king.

“Beating a Zab Judah leads to a world title fight. I have no doubt about it.”

“The rewards of winning a fight like this are motivating in and of itself.”

“This is like working in those gladiator days. You didn’t get to pick who you fought. It could’ve been your friend, but it’s either him or you.

“Somebody has to win and somebody has to lose on Saturday night. I’ve prepared very well.

“One thing we say in Brooklyn, is ‘Brooklyn, stand up!’ and Saturday I know Brooklyn will stand up.”

Devon Alexander

“[To Shawn Porter] I already beat you. So it isn’t going be any different Saturday night.

“I’m ready. I’m 120 percent ready. I’m focused. Shawn is a solid fighter. He stepped to the plate like some people didn’t. You guys know I was supposed to fight somebody else but Shawn Porter stepped up to the plate and now I’ve got to take care of him.

“I’m going to continue to win, continue to prove to people that I’m an elite fighter, that I deserve to be at the top, and that’s what I’m going to do.

“Come Saturday night my winning ways are going to continue.”

Shawn Porter

“I’m here, Showtime Shawn Porter is in the building.

“We had camp in Las Vegas. It was beautiful. It’s been beautiful being here in Brooklyn and I’m ready to do it.

“This was my hardest camp training for my hardest fight.

“Not to take anything from Alexander, except his belt, but I know what he’s got to bring and I’m ready to handle it.”

Erislandy Lara

“I just want to thank my whole team for all the hard work we’ve put in this camp”

“On Saturday night, I’m going to be ready for Trout and we’ll see who’s got the balls to win this fight”

Austin Trout

“I’m happy to be here, I’m happy to bring it back to Brooklyn. New York runs in my blood. A lot of people don’t know my mother, my grandmother, were both born and raised here. New York is in my blood.

“Over a year ago I came back to New York and I retained my title going against Cotto and I’m looking to have a repeat to regain my title back because I feel like that’s my belt.

“Earlier this year I may have lost it, but I learned a lot from it and it’s made me the better, stronger fighter, a stronger man.

“You all are going to see the reinvention of Austin Trout Saturday night.”

Sakio Bika

“I feel so very blessed and so very happy. On Saturday, Anthony Dirrell says he is going to take the belt off of me. I am not so sure it will happen. I don’t know if he can do it. I don’t know if he has the balls to do it.

“On Saturday it will just be Anthony Dirrell in the ring. On Saturday Anthony will step in the ring and feel the power.”

Anthony Dirrell

“Come Saturday, it’s destiny. I’ve been through a lot – cancer in 2006. I overcame that. Motorcycle accident that broke my legs and hands. I overcame that. So Sakio Bika can’t hold me back. This is meant to be and come December 7 it’s over. It’s going to be trouble for him.

“He looks for the knockout, but doesn’t get it every time. I’m going to be looking for the knockout so that’s what’s going to happen.

“So everyone come out and support December 7. It’s a hell of a card.”

Sadam Ali

“I’m very excited for this fight. Second time fighting at the Barclays Center, my home, in front of my hometown of course. And look at the card we have going on, it’s going to be so exciting top to bottom and I’m just ready to go out there and show what I can do.”

Marcus Browne

“I’m grateful to be on this card. You’ve got guys like Paulie that watched me coming up in the amateurs.

You’ve got guys like Zab that I watched coming up as a kid. So this is a beautiful thing with all of these other guys on this card. I mean it’s a great card.”

“I’m a fan first, but at the end of the day I’ve got to take care of business.

“I’m ready to go on Saturday night and I know these guys are. So God bless you guys and enjoy the show.”

Bernard Hopkins

“First, there’s a lot of history here in Brooklyn. It’s becoming a major hotbed for boxing. At the Barclays Center, we’re making history and I’m happy to be part of that and also part of the promotion.

“The four televised fights could be a main event on any day on any card. So to me, it’s an early Christmas present to those who tune in and also come to the fight.

“To see four championship fights in December, closing out the year with a bang, are something special. But to see Paulie Malignaggi and Zab Judah, two Brooklyn legends that have basically the same fans, collide will be an extra treat for fight fans.

“This year has been a great, record-breaking year for ratings and of course the highest grossing pay-per-view of all time.

“The main event is going to be one of those fights where don’t know who is going to win. It is going to be a barnburner. Its impossible to say that one guy has a landslide chance of winning. It is just that close.”