Julio Cesar Chavez Jr-Andy Lee weigh-in results, photos

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On Saturday night in El Paso, Texas, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. will meet Andy Lee in a battle of two of the best middleweights in the world. The Chavez Jr. vs. Lee fight will be televised live on HBO. This afternoon, the fighters stepped on the scales for the official pre-fight weigh-ins, and right here, you can find the Chavez Jr. vs. Lee weigh-in results. Take a look. You’ll also find some Chavez Jr-Lee weigh-in pictures from the event as well.

Chavez Jr. vs. Lee Weights

  • Julio Cesar Chavez Jr: 159 lbs
  • Andy Lee: 159.25 lbs

Chavez Jr – Andy Lee Weigh-in Photos

Note: In addition to Chavez Jr-Lee weigh-in pictures, we also have a few pictures from yesterday’s final press conference as well.

Both men were able to make weight without a worry. That’s always a bit of a surprise, when you’re dealing with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., because at this point, he’s just simply such a big kid, and he’s still growing and filling out. But all reports have been that he has been extremely focused and dedicated during this training camp, which hasn’t always been the case with him in the past.

However, the weigh-ins weren’t without a touch of controversy. Hey, this is the Texas commission that we’re dealing with after all, right?

Texas is a state that has been mired in boxing controversy in recent years, but that doesn’t seem to concern their commission officials enough to make them ensure a level playing field, apparently.

Apparently, representatives of Lee requested to weigh both camp’s gloves. That request was denied by Texas Commission Sports Inspector Robert Tapia.

“They brought their own gloves and we brought ours,” explained Lee’s manager, Perry Mandera, “so we thought in the interest of full disclosure and a level playing field, we would weigh both pairs. We weighed ours out in the open in front of everyone. They would not put theirs on the scale. So, I requested Robert Tapia to make them do it. He told me ‘I’m the boss here. I say whether or not we inspect the gloves and we’re not going to.'”

Mandera says he then requested Chavez trainer Freddy Roach to weigh the gloves in the spirit of fairness. “He pushed past me and said ‘we don’t have to, so we’re not going to.'”

Lee’s team say after today’s incident, they are left hoping there won’t be any other questionable conduct surrounding this fight.

“We just want everything fair. I don’t know why they wouldn’t drop the gloves on a scale to remove any doubt about a pair of gloves they brought themselves. Yes, it’s a new pair, but you ever buy a pair of shoes that say size 10 and they’re not? That’s all we were trying to resolve. So why won’t they weigh the gloves?”

Be sure to check back in with us tomorrow for post-fight coverage and aftermath, and thanks for viewing our Chavez Jr. vs. Lee weigh-in results right here on ProBoxing-Fans.com.

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