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Kessler vs. Froch Weigh-In Photos and Weights


Froch vs. Kessler Weigh-In

The big Group Stage 2 Super Six match-up of Mikkel Kessler vs. Carl Froch is finally upon us. Tomorrow is the big day, and this afternoon the fighters stepped on the scales. Both Froch and Kessler have made weight and look fit, ready and eager to get on with show tomorrow evening. Take a look at the Froch vs. Kessler weigh-in results, including exact weights and photos from the weigh-in.

The official weights for Kessler vs. Froch are:

  • Carl Froch – 167.25 lbs (75.9 kg)
  • Mikkel Kessler – 167 lbs (75.8 kg)

That means that both fighters are fit and ready for the bout, not that anybody expected anything less from these two. Can Mikkel Kessler get back into his groove? Will Froch thrive as the underdog in a hostel environment?

Tomorrow night you can come back to Pro Boxing Fans to find live Kessler vs. Froch results to see how this huge fight plays out. For Kessler it’s do or die as far as his status in the Super Six Tournament, and for Froch it’s an opportunity to bolster his case as one of better fighters in the field.