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Khan vs. Garcia final presser quotes, photos

Credit: Gene Blevins - Hogan Photos

This Saturday on HBO, Amir Khan will challenge the undefeated Danny Garcia for his WBC welterweight title. The final press conference for the Khan vs. Garcia bout was held on Thursday afternoon, and right here, you can find a collection of quotes from both fighters, their teams, and the main undercard fighters as well. Plus, we have a collection of pictures from their public workouts earlier in the week as well. Dive in and take a look here.

AMIR KHAN, WBA Super Lightweight Super World Champion

“Training camp has been brilliant. It was a long camp, but we paced it well. We were very professional and smart with the way we did things. It was a 15-week camp and I enjoyed every second of it.

“I did make a lot of mistakes in my last fight [against Lamont Peterson], but it was a wakeup call. I learned a lot from that fight.

“We will win the title. We will take the WBC belt home to the U.K. It is a title I have always wanted.

“I have fans all over who have traveled to Las Vegas for this fight. A lot of them came over for my fight against Peterson too and it means a lot to me. The U.K. press shows me so much support as well and I am grateful.

“I will knock Danny Garcia out. I will take the world titles home. I know Danny didn’t train as hard as me. I promise I will knock him out. That is the only way.

“[To Angel Garcia] I cannot wait until after the fight when we stand here and I have knocked your son out. He is going to see what a Pakistani British fighter can do. I cannot wait to get in there.”

DANNY GARCIA, WBC Super Lightweight World Champion

“We had a great camp and great sparring partners. I am just ready to showcase my skills on July 14.

“My dad talked sh*t 23 times, and I backed it up 23 times. I am 23 and 0. Come Saturday, he will have talked sh* 24 times and I am going to back it up for the twenty-fourth time.

“It means the most when your team always supports you.”

FREDDIE ROACH, Khan’s Trainer

“We have had a great training camp. We are ready for this fight. We had to switch gears in opponents a little bit, but there were no major setbacks. Amir is in the best shape of his life.

“[To Garcia] Danny, I wish you luck, but I am not so sure about your dad!”

ASIF VALI, Khan Promotions

“Amir has worked hard, the team has been fantastic. He is ready to go. I have never ever seen Amir in this kind of shape.

“Whatever happened with Peterson is behind us. Now we have an opportunity to unify those belts.

“Amir Khan won a medal in the 2004 Olympics and in order to do something like that you have to go out and earn it. You have to make sacrifices, which is what Amir has done his whole career.

“We are very proud to say that the U.S.A. Boxing Team will be training in our gym in Bolton. As soon as Amir gets back from this fight he will be hosting them. Boxing in the Olympics is a big thing.

“It’s going to be a fantastic fight. Tune in and watch because we are going to have the belts on the line and Amir is going to win.

“We wish the very best to team Garcia.”

ANGEL GARCIA, Danny Garcia’s Father/ Trainer

“This fight right here is going to be a spiritual fight. Spiritually, mentally and physically; it is going to come down to who is a greater spirit.

“Danny is on weight right now without struggling.

“Everybody on this team has been here from the beginning. We don’t have changes. There’s no place like home. When you move to another state you are doing yourself a disservice. If you are disciplined and you give your soul to this sport anything is possible.

“Khan is a superstar, but that’s all he has. If he were American, nobody would care.

“This fight is going to show the world who is the boss. Danny is the boss.

“Khan has never faced a Latino like Danny. This is Latino blood. A nation. We are going to show the world who is the boss.”

OSCAR DE LA HOYA, President of Golden Boy Promotions

“This matchup [between Amir Khan and Danny Garcia] is a matchup that we don’t see every day. We have two young champions who are at their peak. This is what really drives me, when you have two young fighters who are willing to fight anybody, when you are willing to fight the best, which is what boxing is all about.

“The fact that this is a unification is great, but these two fighters that we have here are fighting because they want to be great. They want to leave a legacy.

“Personally I am very proud and thrilled that Amir Khan is willing and able to go up against Danny and that Danny Garcia is willing and able to go up against Amir Khan. It has been a while since we have seen two young, strong fighters [fight each other] at their peak and I want to say thank you to them.

“I believe this fight is going to bring out the very best of Danny Garcia and the same goes for Amir Khan.”

RICHARD STURM, President of Entertainment, MGM Resorts

“Mandalay Bay would like to welcome our partners at Golden Boy Promotions, HBO and the media and of course the fighters.

“Khan, who’s known for his exceptional speed and skills showcased that talent perhaps his most accomplished victory – a knockout over Zab Judah nearly one year ago to date here at Mandalay Bay.

“Danny Garcia returns to Mandalay Bay for the first time in almost three years. With a win over Khan, he will extend his undefeated record to 24-0 in what will be an exciting bout Saturday night.”


“I think boxing is one of the hardest sports. Before we even get in the ring, I want to say to Amir, Danny and everyone else, good luck because I know how hard it is.

“It has been a long journey for me and I am loving it. I used to just work hard, but now I am learning how to work hard and love life.

“I want to prove to the world that there is no difference between me and the other talent on HBO and I am going to show it. I want everyone to be there to witness an electrifying card because I know it is going to be an electrifying show.”

PHIL LO GRECO, Undefeated Welterweight Contender

“It is an honor and a thrill for me to be here.

“I am an Italian guy from Canada. Ever since I was a kid, it was my dream to fight in Las Vegas. It’s a big responsibility to fight in Las Vegas.

“I fight for the Italian people, the Canadian people and now I am fighting for all of the hard core American boxing fans. I want to give them a good show and prove myself Saturday night.”

J LEON LOVE, Undefeated Middleweight Prospect

“It is a pleasure to be on this card. We worked hard and this is going to be a great night of boxing.”

JAMIE KAVANAUGH, Undefeated Lightweight Prospect

“This Saturday is going to be a great night of boxing.

“I have been sparring with Amir Khan and training with Freddie. I can’t wait for Saturday night.”

ABNER COTTO, Undefeated Lightweight Prospect

“I want you to know that I am a strong prospect. It is a pleasure to be on this card and pretty soon Puerto Rico will have another world champion.”