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L.A. Matadors World Series of Boxing Team Quotes & Photos

L.A Matadors Media Workout Quotes & Photos:

The L.A. Matadors, Los Angeles’ team in the groundbreaking, global World Series of Boxing,  worked out for local media members on Friday at The Rock in Carson, Calif. The team’s home-opener is Sunday, Nov. 28, at the Nokia Theatre at L.A. Live against the Mexico City Guerreros.

The Matadors will compete against three other North American teams, Miami, Mexico City and Memphis, throughout the winter with the winner from the North American division advancing to the semifinals to compete against teams from other continents.

Teams in the WSB are fighting for a spot in the 2012 Olympic Games in London.  The boxers in the league compete in a pro-style format, without the traditional amateur headgear, yet still retain their Olympic eligibility, a first in the history of amateur boxing.

What some of the Matador fighters and their head coach said on Friday:


“The WSB (World Series of Boxing) is going to revolutionize boxing. You’re not going to see a bunch of 0-10 fighters going up against 10-0 fighters. You’re going to see competitive, good fights between some of the world’s top fighters. This is what the fans want.

“Once people get a look at (Rau’Shee) Warren they will be very impressed with his overall game. He’s just awesome and I can’t wait to see him get in the ring and get some great exposure.”

RAU’SHEE “BABY PIT” WARREN, 23, Cincinnati, Ohio, Two-Time Olympian:

“We have a chance to do something special. We’re taking on the world and can win the whole thing. We want the L.A. fans to know our names and our faces by the time we’re all done.

“It’s different training for a pro fight instead of a national tournament. You’ve got to learn how to pace yourself in the ring. You’re not just sticking and moving here. Just one big shot and that can win a fight.

“It’s just great to wake up and get ready to train with these guys every day. There’s no slacking. You’ve got your teammates right there to push you. Right now, it’s all about waking up, being there on time and fighting for the L.A. Matadors.

“My goal is the Olympics in 2012. I still want to fight pro but I also lost out on my gold medal so now I’m going back to London to get it. This is a different experience not a lot of people get. I’m going to take full advantage of it.”


“This is a making history type of thing. A lot of amateurs don’t really have a lot to look forward to except the Olympic Trials where it’s all or nothing. This league gives us a chance to show what we can do in the non-Olympic years.

“This gives you more time to decide if you want to go pro. It’s a tough decision every young boxer has to make. Fighting for the Matadors gives us a chance to make a little bit of money but also remain eligible for the amateurs.”


“The World Series of Boxing is a new breed of boxing. We’re looking to put boxing back on the map. We’re the best of the best fighting the best of the best.

“This is a dream come true. It gives you the best of both worlds. We get a little taste of the pros before we’re thrown in the ocean with all the sharks.”