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LA Fight Club results: Michael Perez cruises to technical decision win over Martin Honorio

Credit: Tristan Bellisimo / GBP

In the one year anniversary of Golden Boy Promotion’s LA Fight C lub in front of a sold out crowd, New Jersey’s Michael Angelo “La Artista” Perez (24-1-2, 11 KOs) painted a masterpiece in the ring with a technical decision victory over Mexico City’s Martin “El Brochas” Honorio (33-9-2, 16 KOs). Perez showed his strength and dominance before the fight was stopped at the end of the sixth round.

Ranked in the top five by both the WBO and the WBA while coming from a triumphant winning streak high in 2015, Newark, New Jersey’s Michael Angelo “La Artista” Perez has had his eye on the world shot title prize for 2016. Tonight, he made it closer to that goal with his epic takedown of one of boxing’s most seasoned fighters, Marin “El Brochas” Honorio who brought nearly 17 years of experience in to the ring. In a fight truly exemplifying youth versus experience, the fans had their eyes glued on the bloodbath between “La Artista” and “El Brochas.” Despite Perez losing his vision in the sixth round resulting in the conclusion of the match, the judges still unanimously named him winner.

“In the fight, we both were hurt badly,” said Michael “La Artista” Perez of his win. “When I went back to my corner after the sixth round, I could no longer see and this is when we decided to end the fight. I wasn’t at all concerned about the judge’s scorecards because I knew I was ahead in every round. After this win, I hope 2016 will bring a world title in to my midst.”

“I don’t agree with the judges decision,” said Martin “El Brochas” Honorio on his fight. “I felt we were keeping up and were equal in intensity. At the end of the day, I accept it and know it is time to hit the gym hard.”

Fan favorite and Los Angeles local Christian “Chimpa” Gonzalez (13-0, 12 KOs)faced experienced fighter David Rodela (17-12-5, 7 KOs), of Oxnard, CA in this explosive featherweight bout in the televised co-main event of the night. After swinging some punches and deflecting Rodela’s hits, “Chimpa” maintained his impressive winning and knockout streak with a massive blow to the side of Rodela’s head, skillfully knocking him down and out in the first round.

“I think the crowds always come out to support me because I always have a smile on my face,” said Christian “Chimpa” Gonzalez. “I do this for fun, and it’s amazing how my career has just taken off. I am excited for 2016 and building on my record. Hopefully by the end of the year, we will hit 10 rounds.”

“The way this fight ended just makes me realize this will be my last fight,” said David Rodela. “Chimpa is a great fighter, and I wish him nothing but the best in his career. I love boxing, and I can’t wait to continue to mentor up-and-coming fighters.”

In the first televised opener of this LA Fight Club series, Oscar “El Jaguar” Negrete of Los Angeles, CA (13-0, 5 KOs)was on the prowl tonight for a win in the ring. In the super bantamweights bout, both fighters came in undefeated but it was eventually Negrete who defended his winning streak by staying light on his feet and throwing some of the speediest punches seen all night at opponent Neftali Campos (11-1, 9 KOs) hailing from Tijuana, Mexico.

“I’m glad I got to upkeep my record,” said Oscar Negrete. “I went for the knockout, but I’ll take the win. I hope this 2016 I can fight for a title here in the U.S.”

“Negrete was the better fighter in the ring tonight,” said Neftali Campos on his fight. “I don’t always come out to win, I come for the fans and I think we put on an amazing show. Next fight, I’ll be ready because I know what I need to do to prepare.”

Alexis Rocha (1-0, 1 KO)of Santa Ana, CA was triumphant against Jordan Rosario (0-4) of Santo Domingo, DR in his professional debut. The younger brother of highly decorated boxer Ronny Rios, southpaw amateur standout Rocha successfully made his transition to the pros in tonight’s four-rounder super welterweight fight. Rocha proved his strength, power, and speed with the first KO of his career in what ended Rosario in the second round. After tonight, the boxing world can’t wait to see what’s next for this young fighter and his promising career.

“At first, I was nervous and impatient in the ring because this was my first professional fight, but I came in and got what I wanted,” said Alexis Rocha of his professional debut knockout. “I’m very excited for my next fight because I know I will come in to the ring calmer and knowing what to expect. I’m very excited for what 2016 brings.”

Los Angeles’ Rafael “El Alikin” Gramajo (7-1-1, 2 KOs), went against Sharone Carter (4-1, 2 KOs) of St. Louis, MO for the opening super bantamweight brawl of the night. Both fighters brought their signature heavy hitting punches as they exchanged hits and jabs, but it was Gramajo’s speed and high energy that earned him his nail biting unanimous decision win after knocking down Carter four times during the six rounds.

“Every fight is important to me,” said Rafael Gramajo. “This fight was nothing less than that. My goal is to develop my patience in the ring, and go back to the gym and improve.”

In tonight’s LA Fight Club opener, Ivan “Striker” Delgado of Los Angeles, CA (9-0-1, 2 KOs)fought Mazatlan, Mexico’s Jesus Sandoval (5-8-4, 1 KO) in a six-round action-packed super featherweight fight lasting all six rounds. Ultimately, the strikes from Ivan “Striker” Delgado proved too much to handle for Sandoval who brought every ounce of his strength and speed in to the ring. In a unanimous decision, the judges awarded Delgado the win.