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Live Froch vs. Groves 2 results: Froch scores KO in Rd 8

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Froch vs. Groves Results from London

The most highly anticipated fight in British Boxing history is finally here, with Carl Froch vs. George Groves 2 set for Saturday, live from Wembley Stadium in London, where 80,000 fans are expected to turn out and create an insane atmosphere.

Right here, we’ll be providing live coverage of the Froch vs. Groves results with a round by round blog so you can follow along with all the action and see how it plays out. Will Groves live up to all of his trash talk and finally take out the Cobra? Or will Froch reassert his dominance and his place at the top of the division yet again?

Froch vs. Groves Scorecard

Round 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Total
Carl Froch
9 9 9 9 10 10 9
George Groves
10 10 10 10 9 9 10

Froch vs. Groves Round by Round Updates

Rd 1: Both guys begin feeling things out, taking their time. Groves keeping distance but pumping out a jab, Froch hasn’t thrown much. Groves with a good jab. More feeling out. They tie up a few times. Not much happening in Round 1, to Groves.

Rd 2: Groves comes out more active with his jab. Circling around. Froch gets him in a clinch and starts mauling. Roughing him up and then pushes him down, also rubbed his laces on Groves’ face. Groves lands a right. Froch rushes in, Groves catches him with a shot. Froch not looking comfortable in there yet. Another Groves round.

Rd 3: Crowd getting antsy as the pace remains slow. Froch charges in, lands a good shot. Groves nails him back with a better shot. Action picking up here with another exchange. Both guys missing. Froch jabs. Groves with a hook. Another Froch jab. Best round so far, goes to Groves.

Rd 4: Froch getting a little bit wilder, offering Groves more chances to land clean shots. Groves with a 1-2. Groves circles, then another 1-2. Froch with a jab, more 1-2 action from Groves who seems very confident right now. Froch still doesn’t really seem completely in this fight. Froch goes to the body. Definitely another Groves round, a sweep for him in 4 rounds.

Rd 5: Froch with a big right hand. Now unloading with a big combination with Groves against the ropes. Groves escapes. They trade jabs. Froch with a string of unanswered body shots. Groves looks for an uppercut. Now they’re standing and trading. Slugging and winging big shots. Big round for Froch.

Rd 6: Groves gets himself backed into the ropes again and Froch looks to unload a few big punches. Groves quickly gets back to the center of the ring. Groves looks like he’s using all of his energy with head fakes and upper body movement, but isn’t landing as much. Now Groves with a double jab and a right. Froch comes ahead. Groves with a good jab. Froch bulls in with a combination and locks up with Groves. Groves bleeding under his left eye. Froch with a good combination. Round to Froch.

Rd 7: Groves lands a left jab which snaps Froch’s head back. Froch now with a jab. Groves working the jab now. Froch charges in, ties him up, referee separates. Groves with a double jab. Froch storms back with a big combination including a series of body punches. Good combination, not quite enough to steal the round. Groves takes a very close round.

Rd 8: Froch coming on with lots of pressure now. Continues doing good work to the body. Groves hasn’t throw as much in the 1st minute of this round. Now he’s jabbing. Froch rallies. Groves with a double jab. Froch with a good combination. Froch drops Groves with a huge right hand! And he’s lying on his back and the referee comes in and waves it off! No count! Froch wins by KO!

I don’t understand why the referee didn’t give Groves a count there. He was badly hurt and down, but considering the first fight’s ending, he should have given him a count so there was absolutely no question. Still, shouldn’t be any controversy here. Froch landed one monster shot to end the fight, and it corkscrewed Groves’ body around as he fall onto his back.

On replay — you can also see that Groves fell onto his back with his left leg pinned under him at the knee. So that was a bad spot for him, and certainly contributed to the referee’s decision.


Be sure to check back with us later in the weekend for our post-fight coverage, aftermath, rankings updates and all the rest after the Froch vs. Groves 2 results!



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