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Live Gennady Golovkin vs. Daniel Geale HBO Boxing results from MSG

Credit: Will Hart

Golovkin vs. Geale Results Live from Ringside:

Gennady “GGG” Golovkin takes on the toughest opponent of his career in Daniel “The Real Deal” Geale, on Saturday night, July 26th, live on HBO Boxing from Madison Square Garden in New York City. Right here, you’ll be able to follow along with our live ringside coverage of the Golovkin vs. Geale results, along with the evening’s co-feature, Bryant Jennings vs. Mike Perez, and all of the undercard action as well.

Golovkin vs. Geale Scorecard

Gennady Golovkin 1010
Daniel Geale 98

Golovkin vs. Geale Round by Round Updates

Rd 1: Geale comes out trying to establish the jab. He proceeds to land a decent uppercut. In the middle portions of the round, Golovkin cut off the ring and backed Geale into the corner, landing several good shots. Geale was able to keep Golovkin off for a bit. But he then began applying the pressure. Geale slipped at one point in the round, and then the momentum shifted. It was a close round, but one I gave to Golovkin.

Rd 2: Golovkin comes out firing, he asserts himself, and really puts the pressure on. He’s able to knockdown Geale on a vicious hook. Geale looks overpowered and outmatched.

Rd 3: GGG comes on strong; he chases Geale down, as he cuts off the ring. Geale tries to fight for survival, but to no avail. Geale hits Golovkin with a big hook, but GGG walks through it, and at the same time throws a punch of his own. The punch is devastating, as he connects flush with a monstrous right hook. Geale crashes to the canvas, subsequently he gets up, shaking his head in despair. The referee feels Geale has had enough and steps in to call a halt to the bout.

Golovkin wins by TKO in the third round, as he continues his reign of terror in the middle weight division.

Bryant Jennings vs. Mike Perez Results

Philadelphia native, Bryant Jennings looked to continue his impressive win streak against the fellow undefeated fighter Mike Perez. 

The first round proved to be slow, but Perez landed the more effective punches to the body. Jennings tried to keep a distance working the jab, but didn’t do enough to win the round.

In the second round of action, the pace picked up, with Perez landing some good shots on the inside.

Jennings couldn’t do enough to keep his man off of him, as Perez stayed aggressive to big shots. Jennings, in the third round picked up the pace, with a huge left-right combo. Perez dismissed the punches with a smirk, as he would go onto land a barrage of big punches.

In the fourth round the tempo stayed at a moderate pace. Jennings would eventually get Perez on the ropes, where he swung wildly, while only connecting on a few of the punches.

In the closing seconds of the fifth round Jennings would land a couple crushing punches that wobbled Perez.

In the sixth round Perez came back strong. While he didn’t land any devastating punches, he took the momentum back.

In the early portions of the seventh round, Perez landed a nice straight punch through Jennings guard. Jennings landed some decent shot in the middle of the round, including a huge left hook. Later in the round Jennings got caught with a big shot on the temple, which momentarily wobbled him.

The eighth round started off with intense action, as Perez began to grow increasingly tired.  Jennings landed a sharp uppercut that made Perez stumble. Later in the round, Jennings opened up his opponents guard and landed some powerful punches.

The ninth round proved to be a Jennings round, he controlled the pace, and landed the cleaner shots. This is a round, where Jennings changed the momentum of the fight.

The tenth round Jennings opened up with a pair of body shots, to exploit the fact the Perez was wearing down.   Jennings was now in full control of the fight, as he looked to close the show.

In the eleventh round there was some tussling, as Perez tried to use whatever was left in the tank, but it wasn’t enough for him to win the round. Jennings started catching Perez with flush shots and hurt him a few times in the round.

In the final round, both men came out swinging. Perez would get a point taken away for hitting on the break. Perez would continue to charge at Jennings, like a  bull. But it was Jennings who won most of the exchanges.

Jennings was able to win the fight because of ability to last deep into the fight. There were a lot of close rounds, and as a result the fight was ruled a split-decision in favor of Bryant Jennings. If a point had not been taken away from Perez in the final round, the result would have been a majority draw.

Undercard Results & Updates

-The first fight of the night was short lived. Julian Rodriguez of Hasbrouck Heights, NJ showed that he was the better man right from the starting bell. Rodriguez came out firing punches against Yankton Southern of Springfield, MO. Rodriguez would connect with a monstrous body shot in the first round, a punch that Southern could not recover from. Rodriguez improves his record to 4-0-0 (3 KO’s). —-

Dusty Hernandez-Harrison took on challenger Wilfredo Acuna. Hernadez-Harrison, the Washington D.C. native, came into the night undefeated and looked to keep things that way. Acuna showed tremendous  heart, but was no match for the more talented Hernandez-Harrison. The undefeated fighter peppered Acuna with shots throughout the fight. Hernandez-Harrison couldn’t put Acuna out for the count, but he did pitch an eight round shutout on all three scorecards. He improves his record to 23-0 (12KO’s).


Ola Afolabi (20-3-4, 9 KO’s) fought Anthonty Caputo-Smith (15-3-0, 10 KO’s), in the third fight of the night. The first round proved to be a feel out round, with Afolabi getting the better of the exchanges. In the second round Afolabi kicked it up a notch and violently started throwing uppercuts. With a good portion of the punches landing, a cut opened over Caputo-Smith’s left eye. Caputo-Smith pushed forward, but would get knocked down in the second round on a massive uppercut. Subsequently, in the third round, the story was more of the same- Caputo-Smith would get caught with a big hook, and was knocked down. He would end up beating the count, but in between the third and the fourth round, the doctors would rule that Caputo-Smith was no longer able to continue; Afolabi was awarded the TKO victory.

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