Home News Live ringside results: Hopkins vs. Shumenov, Porter vs. Malignaggi, Quillin vs. Konecny

Live ringside results: Hopkins vs. Shumenov, Porter vs. Malignaggi, Quillin vs. Konecny

Credit: Tom Casino / Showtime

Hopkins vs. Shumenov Results from Washington, D.C.:

ProBoxing-Fans.com is live ringside on Saturday night for the Showtime tripleheader headlined by Bernard Hopkins vs. Beibut Shumenov, and also featuring Shawn Porter vs. Paulie Malignaggi and Peter Quillin vs. Lukas Konecny. Plus, there’s a wealth of prospects on the Showtime Extreme and off-TV undercards.

Right here, you’ll find the live results for the entire evening. Dive in, take a look, and stay with us all night.

Hopkins vs. Shumenov Scorecard

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Beibut Shumenov101099999910989110

Hopkins vs. Shumenov Round by Round Results

Rd 1: The fight begins with the two guys staring and posing and feinting at each other for what seems like an eternity. Neither man throwing much. Shumenov trying to throw a few shots, Hopkins just waiting for his opportunity. Shumenov with a jab, Hopkins charges in and ties up. Kind of Shumenov’s round by default, Hopkins didn’t engage.

Rd 2: Shumenov gets Hopkins to the ropes early on. Hopkins ties and spins around. Now Hopkins looking to throw first for a change here, a couple of jabs at least. Hopkins misses with a huge wild overhand right, swinging for the fences. Still lots of standing around. Hopkins with a nice right to the body. Shumenov standing his ground and not getting too antsy or over-committing, to his credit. Lands a lead right to the body. Shumenov with a left hook, Hopkins with a right. Hopkins started the round well but didn’t really maintain any activity.

Rd 3: Shumenov throwing first with his jab, Hopkins looking to answer over the top but he hasn’t yet. That means that Shumenov is just racking up points in the meantime. Some showboating going on from both men. Hopkins lands a big hook after Shumenov looks to the ref. Best punch of the night. They trade jabs. Shumenov looks fired up in there. Fighting with his left arm straight down. Hopkins lands a stiff straight left, misses his follow up right hand. Shumenov lands a big punch before the bell, but round to Hopkins still.

Rd 4: Hopkins getting a bit more active now. And he’s in Shumenov’s head too, because he’s starting to get more reckless. That gives Hopkins the openings he was looking for earlier. Hopkins comes in and lands a 1-2. Then a big straight right, his signature punch. Then he comes back in and lands another. Shumenov counters and then ties up. Shumenov getting sloppy with his punches. He’s coming forward and attacking though, but it’s Hopkins who lands his punch, a counter. Some roughhousing and showboating before the round’s done. Nice Hopkins round.

Rd 5: Shumenov is attacking and trying to force the issue. But Hopkins still landing cleaner shots despite throwing much less. Huge straight right hand on a counter from Hopkins. Shumenov lands a hook. Trying to find something consistent he can depend on. Still throwing the jab but hasn’t really established it. Things getting rough on the inside. Another Hopkins round.

Rd 6: Two big right hands for Hopkins. Hopkins sticking out his tongue after every shot now. Shumenov jabs to the body. Hopkins grazes him with a big right. Hopkins picking apart the looping combinations from Shumenov. Shumenov’s left eye starting to swell. Hopkins with a lunging left hook, taking a page from Shawn Porter there. Nice round for Hopkins.

Rd 7: Hopkins continuing to find a home for his straight right. Also landing good, crisp jabs too. Shumenov hanging in there, but just doesn’t have an answer, and unable to generate any real, meaningful offense. Hard, head-snapping jabs from Hopkins. Shumenov’s eye really starting to shut. The two tie up and hang on for a bit of a reprieve. Shumenov gets him on the ropes and miss-miss-miss. More of the same, another Hopkins round.

Rd 8: Shumenov comes out more effectively at the start of Round 8. Lands a few jabs. Hopkins promptly ties him up, bulls forward, uses his head on the inside. More clinching. They exchange a few landed jabs. Hopkisn with a left hook. Big right hand from Hopkins. Shumenov lands a hook inside. And another right from Hopkins. Shumenov misses wildly. Hopkins peppers him with jabs. Shumenov flurries at the bell.

Rd 9: Shumenov loading up and looking for one big shot here. He lands a few shots which Hopkins partially blocks. Hopkins resting on the ropes and looking for his chance to counter. He does, going downstairs and then with a big right upstairs. They each miss two jabs. More wild misses from Shumenov. Hopkins strings together a few punches for a change. Shumenov almost connects with a left hook. Then he does. Hopkins lands a jab, Shumenov lands a right. Nice comeback round for him, although probably just Hopkins resting a bit.

Rd 10: Shumenov pressing the issue here again and gets Hopkins to the ropes. He starts going to town and manages to land a few of his shots at least. Better than none, as he was before. Hopkins finding some countering opportunities, but Shumenov doing more damage. Hopkins lands a nice jab though as he moves away from the corner. Shumenov lands a 1-2, Hopkins counters to the body and then head. Here’s where a two-decade age gap makes a difference, Shumenov with more energy right now. Close round.

Rd 11: Shumenov again comes out as the aggressor and looks to hurt Hopkins with big shots. Hopkins retreating and looking for an opportunity and just like that a monster straight right hand sends Shumenov down. He’s right back up, but statement made. Hopkins with another big two punches which almost send Shumenov down again as the crowd erupts and chants for B-Hop, stomping their feet on the bleachers.

Rd 12: It doesn’t take long for Hopkins to land another big straight right, sending Shumenov’s head snapping back. Shumenov gets Hopkins to the corner and looks to unload, Hopkins fires a jab in his face instead. They trade big shots. Hopkins now opens up. Big right hand upstairs, a low blow, and then two body shots in one combination. Hopkins showboating in there. Crowd going crazy for B-Hop again. Hopkins with a series of left hooks and then body blows.

Masterful performance from Hopkins –  we have it 117-110.

Official scorecards: 116-111 Hopkins, 114-113 Shumenov, 116-111 Hopkins

Somehow the judges find a split decision in this one. At least they got it right, and the two judges overruled the one ridiculous card. Hopkins calls out the commission after the fight for it, and then goes on a tirade on all things and everything, enjoying his stage after yet another historic win.

Porter vs. Malignaggi Scorecard

Shawn Porter101010
Paulie Malignaggi999

Porter vs. Malignaggi Round by Round Results

Rd 1: Lots of hand speed on display with these two. Porter quicker and more athletic. Mailgnaggi gets a bad cut over his left eye, likely from a headbutt. Malignaggi landing some good counter shots and then looking to tie Porter up inside. Porter’s round his speed seems too much for Malignaggi to handle right now.

Rd 2: Lots of big exchanges and fast flurries here. These two guys get mixed up in close and then just unload. Paulie tries to steady himself behind the jab as he’s definitely feeling the worse for the wear from those exchanges. Porter comes in with a flying left hook which badly hurts Malignaggi. He then starts unloading in the corner and nailing Malignaggi with huge punches. Malignaggi getting pummeled here but hasn’t gone down. He’ still trying to fight back but got very badly hurt there.

Rd 3: Malignaggi seems to have regained some composure to start the round. But Porter starts going to the body and landing hard blows and Malignaggi definitely slowing down as a result. Porter working behind his jab lands two and then a big right hand, Paulie just holding on. Porter lands another two left hooks and a few stiff jabs.

Rd 4: Malignaggi finally gets sent down at the start of Round 4. Looks more like accumulation than anything. Gets up and tries again to get behind his jab. Porter comes in with another lead left hook and then goes to town on the inside. Malignaggi gets destroyed with another hook and Porter pounces and just relentlessly goes after him. Malignaggi eventually crumbles and gets pushed through the ropes and the referee waves it off.

What a win and what a statement performance from Shawn Porter.

Official time was 1:24 of Round 4.

Porter’s name should absolutely be in the mix for any of the big fights and top opponents right now. If you weren’t on his bandwagon before, you should be.

Quillin vs. Konecny Results

Quillin opens the fight looking to work behind his jab to set up his right. Konecny trying to get in close behind his high guard and go to the body. The difference in both skill and size are clear from the start, but that’s no surprise.

By Round 2, Quillin already looking to open up more, and Konecny is more or less just following him around the ring. Konecny still trying to work the body and has found a few openings upstairs as Quillin looks to tee off.

Konecny seems emboldened to start the 3rd. Letting his hands go more and connecting. But Quillin taking advantage to land his own shots in return, mixing in uppercuts with his 1-2s and hooks.

Konecny proving to be a tough customer and certainly landing clean shots against Quillin. Quillin doesn’t seem completely focused, either he’s looking to get some rounds and some work in, or he’s just coasting. He’ll need to improve that defense though against one of the top fighter’s in the division.

Quillin has really busted up Konecny’s jaw, and he’s spitting up blood all over the place. Quillin throws a six punch combination or so but Konecny unloads right after. Quillin loading up on his shots at the end of the Round 6, and looks to stagger Konecny at the bell.

Quillin continuing to outclass Konecny here but he’s still hanging around and looking for his own offense too. He’s still able to land shots, but Quillin mostly unfazed.

As soon as Quillin looks like he’s done some real damage and perhaps Konecny is ready to go down or out, Konecny responds with a combination that pushes Quillin back here. While Quillin is looking good here, it looks to me like he’s going to be in trouble against a high-level big puncher. He just gets hit way too much.

The boo birds come out in Rounds 10-11 as the action slow down and the fight maintains its pace and rhythm. Quillin winning rounds, but he’s no longer going for the stoppage. He has decided to just finish the fight without getting into any trouble. But he’s still getting hit cleanly against a guy he really should be much better against.

Konecny hit with a low blow in Round 12 but just quickly walks it off and doesn’t take anytime despite the fact that the referee gave him a chance. He’s going out bloody and battered, but on his feet, and gave Quillin more than he wanted that’s for sure.

Official scorecards read: 120-108, 119-109, 119-109 for Quillin

Showtime Extreme Results

Unbeaten Brooklyn prospect Zachary Ochoa took on Hector Marengo from Puerto Rico. Ochoa quickly went to work on his overmatched opponent, sending him down to the canvas twice. Marengo’s corner waved off the action after 5 one-sided rounds.

Ochoa improves to 7-0 with 4 KOs. Definitely an exciting prospect to watch.

Sadam Ali looked to continue his rise into contention when he met veteran Michael Clark in a welterweight fight scheduled for 10 rounds. He had an easy night of work scoring a quick 1st round KO after landing a hook to Clark’s temple which sent him down for the count.

Ali improves to 19-0, 12 KOs, and looks to be on the cusp of more meaningful fights in the near future. Clark falls to 44-10-1.

In the first fight of the Showtime Extreme televised portion of the undercard, US Olympian Marcus Browne took on veteran Otis Griffin.

Browne began dominating from the outset of the match, landing strong, thudding body punches and stringing together smooth combinations. Griffin was jawing at him throughout and telling him to bring more on.

It actually looked as if he had Griffin hurt early, but the battle-tested road warrior wasn’t going to be easy to get out of there. Griffin was here to give Browne tough rounds and seemed intent on fulfilling that role.

At the end of Round 5, Browne sent Griffin down with a perfect straight left which smashed him on the nose. Griffin bounced back nicely and avoided getting hurt in the 6th, although Browne landed a series of shots which had him buzzed in the 7th.

Official scorecards read: 80-71, 80-71, and 80-71 for the unbeaten Browne. He improves to 10-0 (7 KOs) with the win and Griffin falls to 24-15-2.

Thanks for checking out all of our coverage from the Hopkins vs. Shumenov and Porter vs. Malignaggi results. Check back with us throughout the rest of the weekend for even more great coverage, rankings updates, analysis and all the rest.