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Malta Boxing Commission shake-up, president removed from position

Malta Boxing Commission Revokes Presidents Position

Due to Malta Boxing Commission President Alexander Zammit’s decision to disregard the due diligence, regarding two applications for MBC Promoter Licences, as well as failing to inform a senior member of the MBC of a special general meeting, at which important appointments were made of associates of the aforementioned promoters, Malta Boxing Commission Director and Vice President Gianluca Di Caro has today revoked Mr Zammit’s position of President of the Malta Boxing Commission.

Earlier today Mr Di Caro stated, “It is with great disappointed that I have had to remove Mr Zammit from his position as President.

I’m afraid that Mr Zammit has left me with no other option, after he decided to ignore the due diligence that I had undertaken regarding two applications for Promoters licenses.

In one case, there was a previous conviction, with regard to financial irregularities, by the Customs and Excise.

In the other there are outstanding debts in the UK with both the British Board of Boxing Control and the Professional Boxing Promoters Association.

I had advised Mr Zammit that until the outstanding debts, and a substantial bond to be held by the Malta Boxing Commission, had been paid it would not be advisable to issue a license.

Mr Zammit’s response by e.mail was ‘That’s not our problem’, with regard to these outstanding debts to British Boxing authorities.

To compound matters further Mr Zammit called a special General Meeting on Sunday 21st October, without informing myself, more importantly Mr Zammit undertook this meeting on a day when he was aware that I would be in Barcelona.

Mr Zammit not only made various significant appointments to people directly associated with those applying for the licenses, but also appointed one of the applicants to the board as an advisor to a special
committee as well as making the decision to award licenses to both applicants.

These acts left me with no option but to release Mr Zammit from his position as President of the MBC.

I will assume the position, on an interim basis not exceeding three months, in which time a new President will be sought and appointed.”