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Manny Pacquiao & Freddie Roach side with fellow legend Peyton Manning to win Super Bowl 50

Credit: Mikey Williams - Top Rank

Before they enter the ring for their super brawls, Manny pacquiaao, Timothy Bradley, Terence Crawford and Felix Verdejo, along with trainers Freddie Roach and Teddy Atlas, and a few opponents, Hank Lundy and William Silva, all offered their own Super Bowl 50 predictions. Unsurprisingly, the line of thinking clearly mirrored their own places too, with the old time legends Pacquiao and Roach picking Peyton Manning and his Denver Broncos to go out on top.




“Peyton Manning is a great competitor and with the possibility that this could be his last game I think he will be an inspiration to the Broncos to win and to end Peyton’s career as a world champion. He is certainly an inspiration to me.”


“It’s very clear to me — Carolina Panthers 31-27.”


“I’m going with the Broncos because Peyton Manning, like Manny Pacquiao, has racked up all the records and the victories against superior opposition. Champions like Manning and Pacquiao know only one way to go out in their last rodeo and that’s on top. It’s Manningfest Destiny.”


“It is Cam Newton’s time as I believe it is Tim Bradley’s and that is why Newton will win a Super Bowl and Bradley, a super championship, while Peyton Manning and Manny Pacquiao both retire after great careers.”


“I don’t know what the score will be but the Carolina Panthers are the better team. One big reason is that they have Cam Newton as quarterback.”


“I’m not really into it that much because I’ve got my own Super Bowl to worry about on February 27th and I’m coming to win the championship. I like Peyton Manning a lot, but I think Cam Newton is going to take care of business. Panthers 21-14.”


“I’m going to pick the Carolina Panthers to win the Super Bowl this year. They are the better team”


“I’m from Brasil so I do not get to see a lot of American football, but I think the Panthers will be the better team on Super Bowl day based upon their performances in past games. As far as the score, I think it will be the Panthers with three touchdowns to the Broncos’ one touchdown.”