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Manny Pacquiao & Gangnam Style together at last


Who are the two biggest celebrities in Asia right now? Well, you could argue that they are Manny Pacquiao, Filipino boxing legend, and PSY, South Korean musician of the legendary music video and song, Gangnam Style. Well, finally, they are together at last. In this video from Pacquiao’s training camp, you’ll see him at the track doing some road work, before breaking out the Gangnam Style dance moves and having some fun as well. Take a look.

Pacquiao breaks out the dance moves at about 1:30 of the video if you wanted to skip ahead straight to the good stuff.

If you haven’t seen the Gangnam Style video, then where in the world have you been? It’s been viewed an astonishing 350 million times or so on YouTube, and it’s such an outrageous and crazy video that you just have to love it.

Pacquiao definitely looks made for the role here. It’s just a wonder, why wasn’t he in the original video? How didn’t PSY try to collaborate with him? Hopefully this gets resolved in the future.

Enjoy Manny Pacquiao doing the Gangnam Style dance video from his training camp right here.