Mayweather vs. Cotto 24/7 episode 2 recap

Credit: All City Boxing

Episode 2 Floyd Mayweather vs. Miguel Cotto 24-7

On Saturday night, while Showtime displayed some live boxing action, HBO debuted the second episode of Mayweather vs. Cotto 24/7. As always, we have a complete, detailed recap for you of all of the action. Read on for our full Mayweather-Cotto 24 7 episode 2 recap as the training camps pick up and the fight looms just two weeks away.

Credit: All City Boxing

Well, we begin the second episode of Mayweather-Cotto 24/7 by taking a look back at last week’s episode. We saw some background on each man and where they are in their lives these days, and saw each man begin their training camps, Mayweather in Vegas with the usual suspects and Cotto in Orlando, with his whole family along for the ride.

Now, we kick things off for episode 2 of Mayweather vs. Cotto 24 7 in Las Vegas. Mayweather pretends to be texting Cotto and talking some trash as he’s riding passenger in the car around town.

Then he starts on a rant about Easter, and how it doesn’t make sense because rabbits don’t lay eggs. Then he goes on a mission to find a Pollo Loco restaurant, so they pull up to the drive thru and get some snacks. After that he plays some late night basketball with his crew, and then it’s time for another food run.

Floyd arrives back home and his fiance, Miss Jackson, is on hand. We hear both Floyd and Miss Jackson talk glowingly about their relationship and what they mean to one another. Then we hear Floyd talk a little bit about Floyd Sr., and how he’s allowed in the gym these days and they are getting along right now, but by next week they’ll probably be arguing. That’s the way it goes for the Mayweather clan.

Now we move to Camp Cotto for the first time in Orlando. Cotto is working with trainer Pedro Diaz, and Diaz takes some time to explain his passion and dedication to the sport and his role as a trainer. For him, when you do something you better do it well and do it all the way. Diaz and Cotto had meet long before, when Cotto was still just in the amateur circuit. Of course, this is now their second fight working together after they got together prior to Cotto’s rematch with Antonio Margarito.

And look at this. Cotto makes a joke! Cotto calls Diaz a pretty loud guy, and that’s not his style but he has to get used to that and make it work. Diaz doesn’t think he’s really like that or has too much of a big presence, but the rest of the camp seems to disagree. It’s more than just loud noise with Diaz though, the guy has a doctorate degree and used to teach.

It’s always something new with him, a new technique, a new training location, and so forth. He has his big notebook that he uses and it’s all based on science and proven training principles, not just crazy or random ideas. Cotto loves that he keeps on learning at this point in his life, and that creates confidence.

Back to Las Vegas now in Mawyeather Cotto 24/7. Mayweather goes on another rant that Cotto’s trainer isn’t the doctor, he’s the doctor. He’ll be going to work and operating on Cotto. The shit talking continues for a while more. Then Uncle Roger appears and says that Cotto’s trainer doesn’t matter, he can’t fight for him. It’s not going to be science that whups him… but they might think it’s science.

Floyd talks about his relationship with his Uncle Roger, and how he loves him. For his part, Roger doesn’t care if Floyd Sr. comes around and tries to work with Floyd. For him, it’s just about making sure Floyd does his thing and gets the best of what he needs.

Of course, the other old school team member is 82-year-old cut-man Rafael Garcia. He puts a tape X over Cotto’s face on a fight poster. Then Mayweather gets onto some more showboating, talking to somebody on his cell phone as he works the speed bag with the other hand.

Back to Orlando and Team Cotto, and they find a local go kart track to do some racing and have some fun. We get some nice up close shots of Cotto steering his ride around the track, as well as the rest of the team. It’s important for him to have fun and relax, and enjoy his family and be a family with his friends and team.

It’s also one of his last chances to spend time with the family before they head back to Puerto Rico. They’ll meet up again shortly before the fight. For his wife, it’s challenging to know he’s fighting. But for Cotto, he knows that everything he’s doing is for them, and that he has provided for them through boxing.

Mayweather likes to get things from his boxing efforts too. And so we get shots of his flashy cars, and his flashy friends. He calls 50 Cent his best friend and says he’s an amazing person. They’ve been close for almost a decade and their personalities just click.

For one thing, 50 says that he knows Mayweather doesn’t need him for anything. He’s away from his responsibilities in the business and the people he has around him, so he just gets to relax and have fun. Mayweather uses him for inspiration and friendship and just enjoys having him around.

Mayweather and the Money Team shut down an amusement park so they can have the run of the place and enjoy a fun night. They take things to the basketball hoop and start putting some cash down in the thousands on their shots.

Things are very different in Orlando and for Miguel Cotto. The alarm goes off and it’s the 24/7 theme music that wakes them up. In a funny turn, his buddy and personal assistant Brian Perez shares the other half of the bed with him. I guess it stems from a time some years ago when they were off at camp and there wasn’t another bed, so they split it. But now, they still do it that way when the wife is around. Interesting.

Cotto has two real brothers, but he spends more time and talks more with Brian. Brian talks about how Cotto’s dad helped him to turn his life around and lose weight. He had gastric bypass surgery and lost over 200 pounds and works hard to continue to get into better shape. Perez heads up logistics for the team and handles all of the details of getting Cotto ready for a fight and making sure everything is going smoothly.

Miguel and Brian certainly have a unique, strong bond and relationship. So there’s Floyd and 50, and Miguel and Brian. I don’t think Money Mayweather and 50 Cent are splitting a bed though when Miss Jackson isn’t around.

Then Floyd questions the loyalty in Cotto’s camp when he changes his trainer so often these days. Cotto says loyalty is about having people around you can trust. And, it’s the time of the 24/7 episode where we switch to training montage mode a bit. We see clips of both men, their teams and camps, the people they depend upon, trust and work with, their families and more.

Mayweather says that when he’s with you, he’s with you until the end. If he has unconditional love for you, he’ll die for you. And it’s do or die in the ring, and he is going to war with the people closest to him.

And that wraps it up for Mayweather vs. Cotto 24/7 episode 2. Be sure to check back in next week as the fight approaches and draws ever closer. Thanks for checking out our comprehensive recap of the second episode of 24-7 Mayweather vs. Cotto.

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