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Mayweather vs. Maidana 2 results & round by round updates

Credit: Amanda Kwok / Showtime

Floyd Mayweather vs. Marcos Maidana Round by Round Results:

It’s time for Mayhem, the highly anticipated Floyd Mayweather vs. Marcos Maidana rematch. Mayweather vs. Maidana 2 takes place on Saturday, September 13th, from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, and will be televised live on Showtime pay-per-view. Right here is your place to be all evening long, as we’ll be showcasing our live and continuously updated Mayweather vs. Maidana round by round results, along with coverage of the entire undercard.

Mayweather vs. Maidana 2 Scorecard

Floyd Mayweather101010910101010109109117
Marcos Maidana99910999999910110

Mayweather vs. Maidana 2 Round by Round Updates

Rd 1: Crowd erupts as the fight begins. Each man throws a few jabs. Mayweather misses with a left hook. Maidana much calmer than in the first fight. Mayweather lands a jab, then a left hook. Maidana hits all air with a jab. Maidana lands a right hand as he presses Mayweather to the ropes. Mayweather back to circling. Mayweather slips to the canvas. Very intent on not getting trapped on the ropes. Maidana lands a body shot. Mayweather jabs. Round to him.

Rd 2: Mayweather staying on the bicycle right now. Maidana certainly pacing himself here. Quick exchange, Mayweather lands a left hook. Mayweather looking for that left hook tonight, gets another one blocked. Maidana connects to the body and briefly gets Floyd to the ropes. Mayweather with a big 1-2. Now with a nice left hook. Mayweather to the body. Another 1-2 from Mayweather. Another left hook. Maidana lands, Mayweather counters with a right. Big Mayweather round.

Rd 3: Maidana swings big and misses. Gets Mayweather to the corner and unloads, but nothing really lands. Mayweather gets away and back to moving. Mayweather sneaks in a long uppercut. Mayweather lands a big right. Maidana hitting nothing but air. Can’t catch up to Mayweather right now. Maidana jabs, Mayweather lands his counter right. Misses a left hook, Maidana just chasing right now. Maidana lands a late shot. And it looks like it actually buzzed him a bit. Could be interesting.

Rd 4: Maidana starting to make it wilder in there. Feeding on some momentum. Now he has Floyd on the ropes and he’s going to town. Some are landing, some are missing. But this is Maidana’s fights. Maidana lands a big right. Mayweather not 100%. He ties up. Mayweather relying on the shoulder roll. Maidana jabs. Lands another nice jab. Mayweather looking to counter off the ropes. Big body shots. Big counter right hand from Mayweather. Mayweather returns to the body. Maidana jabs. Big action here. Mayweather starts taking control now and may habve done enough to steal the round. But likely still to Maidana.

Rd 5: Mayweather with a big right hand behind a jab. Maidana not attacking just yet like he was last round. Mayweather lands a left, then misses a bigger left. Maidana trying to work behind the jab. Mayweather misses a loaded up right. Mayweather with a big left hook. Now Maidana on the ropes. Some rough housing on the inside. Maidana to the body. More clinching. Floyd returns to control here.

Rd 6: Maidana isn’t cutting off the ring, he’s following right now. That’s not going to work. But then he does land a right. Mayweather jabs to the body. Maidana swings and misses big. Starting to breathe heavy. A clinch. Slower round. Mayweather barely misses a right. Lands a soft lead left hook. Maidana hits all air again. Mayweather feeling good right now, doing some shuffling. Maidana misses about 5 punches in a row. Maidana to the body. Tries to corner Floyd, lands another late shot.

Rd 7: Bit of a slower pace here, and Mayweather surely fine with it. Maidana jabs to the body, gets Mayweather back to the ropes. Mayweather circles, doing lots of straight back head movements and narrowly averting danger. Mayweather snaps Maidana’s head back with a jab. Mayweather with a big hook to the body. Barely misses with an uppercut upstairs. Mayweather’s round again.

Rd 8: Maidana doesn’t have the push he did in the first fight, but Mayweather isn’t letting him. Also, by this point in fight 1, Mayweather was asserting complete control. And he’s been in control here basically the whole way through. Mayweather with anice left hand, then a straight right. Maidana might be a bit shaken up or at least discouraged. Maidana gets a big right hand blocked. Mayweather pushes his head down then punches, gets warned by the ref, and Maidana answers with a punch. Mayweather saying he got bit? Mayweather agitated and showing the referee. Very weird scene right now. Keeps on complaining. Eventually the action continues. Huh.

Rd 9: Upon inspecting the replay, it looks like Mayweather was covering Maidana’s mouth in a clinch with his glove. Maidana then figured – I’ll end this, and went for a quick bite perhaps. Dirty on both sides. But strange incident, particularly with how Mayweather responded. Action very stop and start in there right now. Things are definitely getting rough in there. Maidana keeping a high work rate this time, but Mayweather landing almost every short. Mayweather connecting with jabs. After the round, Maidana walks to the neutral corner by mistake.

Rd 10: Things continuing to get rough. Maidana pushes Mayweather down, and Bayless ends up taking a point away from Maidana. Strange, especially with the clinching and holding from Myaweather. Now Maidana is coming on strong. He’s looking to make a dent right now. Maidana swinging wildly. Maidana likely did enough to come back and win this round, but that only makes it 9-9.

Rd 11: Now Bayless halts the action after a Mayweather low blow. Maidana takes a minute. Mayweather comes right out and lands a big body shot. Mayweather to the body, now with a big right hand upstairs. Mayweather continuing to alternate body head, body head, and landing with ease. The zap seems gone from Maidana right now. Mayweather lands a solid left hook, Maidana feels it. Mayweather’s round.

Rd 12: Maidana charging out and looking to make something happen. Mayweather on the bicycle circling around. Crowd doesn’t like it. Mayweather not sitting still for a second, and Maidana left in his dust, following along and hitting air. Maidana trying to set something up behind his jab, then goes to the body. Mayweather circling and circling. Mayweather’s thrown maybe 5 punches in the round. Just playing keepaway.  Maidana wins the round by default.

ProBoxing-Fans.com scores the fight 117-111 for Mayweather.

Official scores:

Mayhem Mayweather vs. Maidana PPV Undercard Results

Leo Santa Cruz vs. Manny Roman

Even if this is a one-sided fight, hopefully it’s a fun one. I think everyone needs it after the last fight. Certainly starts out at a quicker pace than the last one, although nothing too blistering just yet. Santa Cruz looking to establish control early on, while Roman looking to get settled.

And well, that didn’t take long. Santa Cruz lands a big ol’ right hand in Round 2, crumpling Roman who seemed to somewhat turn himself into the shot. He beat the count but the referee wisely called it off.

Miguel Vazquez vs. Mickey Bey

Miguel Vazquez the odd man out at 135 lbs. Despite the fact that he’s been the presumptive top guy at lightweight for some time, the Terence Crawford vs. Raymundo Beltran fight is for the vacant lightweight championship, due to their combined rankings.

The lanky, lean Vazquez is working behind his jab and his reach and keeping things on the outside to start the fight. Bey doing a lot of feinting and trying to figure out a way in. Right now, he’s just not being active enough. Vazquez certainly in control through the first two rounds.

Bey getting into the fight more in the 3rd. Landing some jabs of his own, looking for openings for some counters. Bad clash of heads in the round in the midst of a clinch. Vazquez also bleeding from his nose a bit here.

Fight becoming a little sloppier, more clinches and ugly exchanges. Bey effective now behind his jab and double jab. Vazquez still circling around a lot. Bey lands a nice left in an exchange. Tough rounds to score here but Bey coming on after a slow start.

Crowd getting restless in Round 5 with a lack of action. Vazquez back in control in this stanza as Bey’s work rate trails off again. Fight continuing to progress at a slower pace, and a similar pattern. Vazquez seems to have made a few adjustments to slightly stay ahead here. Lots of awkward action here, and not enough action at all for the fans.

Vazquez just doing more effective work, even if a lot of what he’s doing is subtle. Ultimately, for the past five rounds or so, and really the majority of the fight, the two have been fighting Vazquez’s style of fight, with Bey being uncomfortable and unable to apply consistently effective aggression.

Much to the delight of fans, this slow and drawn out affair is coming to a close. Certainly should be Vazquez on the cards, but some of this fight was difficult to score and that leaves it open to get interesting.

Official scores: 115-113 Bey, 115-113 Vazquez, 119-109 Bey

Whoa. That is absolutely mind-boggling. Mickey Bey by 10 points! 10 points! Awful. I find it impossible that you could produce that scorecard.

Alfredo Angulo vs. James De La Rosa

Alfredo Angulo, who came into the ring weighing as much as a small cruiserweight, began the fight seeming slow and sluggish. De La Rosa took early control and was getting off first with sharper shots. In the second round, De La Rosa scored a knockdown with Angulo along the ropes, adding to his strong start, landing two big flush left hands.

De La Rosa continued doing good work in Rounds 3-4. However, by the end of round 4, Angulo was able to land a couple of big shots. However, De La Rosa was giving it back in those exchanges too, and Angulo was actually the one who eventually backed off.

In round 6, De La Rosa really started teeing off, throwing a dozen shots in a row without any fire back from Angulo. Angulo dug in and began working and coming in, but the action is definitely still being controlled via De La Rosa. Angulo, now cut, just doesn’t seem to have it right now.

Angulo loses a point at the tail end of Round 7 for low blows. Already behind on the scorecards, that just really places the onus on El Perro to score a knockout if he hopes to win this fight. In the corner after round 8, Virgil Hill warns Angulo that his career could be on the line if he doesn’t mount the comeback here.

And Angulo responds in round 9, hurting De La Rosa with a left hook and then looking to pour on the pressure. De La Rosa stays on his feet, but he’ll have to survive in Round 10 because he was definitely hurt there.

Angulo picks up where he left off, throwing the kitchen sink at De La Rosa and effectively landing some major blows. But De La Rosa is able to stay on his feet, and should have enough points to get the decision. Big effort from Angulo in the final rounds to resurrect his career, even if he goes onto to lose.

Official Scores: 98-90, 96-92 and 99-89 for De La Rosa


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