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Miami Gallos Defeat LA Matadors 3-1 in World Series of Boxing Opener

In an evening ending in controversy, the Los Angeles Matadors lost to the Miami Gallos 3-1 in their inaugural match in the World Series of Boxing on Tuesday at Miami’s AmericanAirlines Arena. The Matadors took the first two bouts of the evening in the bantamweight and lightweight divisions, but The Gallos evened the series taking the middleweight and light heavyweight bouts.

The L.A. Matadors return to Los Angeles for their home-opener Sunday, Nov. 28, at the Nokia Theatre against the undefeated, inherent rival Mexico City Guerreros and hope to build momentum for the winter-long World Series of Boxing season. Doors open at 7 p.m. and tickets are still available at www.ticketmaster.com.

On Tuesday, the Gallos clinched the match win in the final bout of the evening as Long Beach native and Matador David Imoesiri and Gallos Trent Rawlins fought to a draw. One judge had Imoesiri as the victor at 48-46 while the other two judges scored the draw, 47-47, 47-47. The fight was ruled a draw by The Florida Boxing Commission but the World Series of Boxing rules state that a draw decision goes to the World Series of Boxing Supervisor; with Osvaldo Bisbal, of Argentina, scoring the bout in favor of Rawlins.

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  1. Fernando Martinez notched the Matadors first win of the season against Jose Luis Ochoa Mesa 47-47, 48-46, 48-46.
  2. Long Beach native Dorian Anthony took 2008 Silver Medalist Ken Egan to decision, losing 49-46, 49-47, 48-47.
  3. Long Beach native David Imoesiri and Trent Rawlins fought to a draw.
  4. Eric Fowler scored a TKO against Adrian Martinez in the fourth round.
  5. Charles Watson lost in decision to William Williams, 48-47, 48-47, 49-46.

“I was not happy with the decision” Imoesiri said. “I think that I still pulled it off. I think they were looking at his arms. Nobody won so I’m happy with that, but I think the Matadors won it.”

Head Coach Manny Robles added, “I’m disappointed in the tie-breaker. I feel the win should go to us as a team because one judge gave it to David and the other two judges gave it a draw. It should be our fight but what are you going to do?”

LA Matadors General Manager Jeff Benz agreed.

“We’re disappointed at the official results but our athletes fought exceptionally well,” Benz said.  “We’re looking forward to the next time we challenge the Miami Gallos in Los Angeles and hope the rule will be cleared up by then.”

Ken Egan, a 2008 Olympic Silver Medalist, defeated Long Beach native Matador Dorian Anthony in a unanimous decision, 49-46, 49-47, 48-47.

In the closing seconds of the fifth round Egan landed a right hook stunning Anthony. Egan made quick work of the dazed Anthony landing a series of combos before the round ended.

“I went in there with my game plan and gave it my all,” Anthony said. “I didn’t think about his Silver Medal. I felt it was a pretty fair decision for me. The momentum kept shifting both ways throughout the bout. In the last round I kind of gave it away to some big shots.”

Bantamweight Matador Fernando Martinez started Los Angeles off with a win defeating Jose Luis Ochoa Mesa by decision, 47-47, 48-46, 48-46, despite knocking down Mesa in the third round.

“I had to get this win and do this for the team,” Martinez said. This is a good start and something we can build on. The feeling is incredible and I’m very proud to get the first win for the Matadors.”

Lightweight Matador Eric Fowler continued Los Angeles’ success notching a fourth round technical knockout against Adrian Martinez in the second bout of the evening. With 1:34 left in the fourth round, Fowler threw a right rendering Martinez defenseless against the ropes prompting referee Frank Gentile to stop the fight.

“I have the best coaches in Manny (Robles) and Jose (Navarro),” Fowler said. “Manny told me keep throwing punches at his body, put pressure on him. What made the difference was my coaching in my strength and conditioning.”