Home News Middlweight Division Rankings Update After Martinez-Barker & Much More

Middlweight Division Rankings Update After Martinez-Barker & Much More

Credit: Photo Wende / Winfried Mausolf

Cruiserweight Rankings Also Updated After Cunningham-Hernandez

Alright it’s time for a rankings update folks after all of the action from the past weekend. It was a very busy weekend, and amongst the headline fights we saw Sergio Martinez vs. Darren Barker, Steve Cunningham vs. Yoan Pablo Hernandez, Toshiaki Nishioka vs. Rafael Marquez and many others. So, we have revisited the middleweight division rankings, cruiserweight, super bantamweight, and more. Take a look below for the latest top 10 in all of these classes.

—–> Updated middleweight division rankings

—–> Updated cruiserweight division rankings

—–> Updated heavyweight division rankings

—–>Updated super bantamweight division rankings

At middleweight, Martinez further proved his worth as the top dog in the division. But Barker’s status has to be raised in defeat as well. Meanwhile, the rest of the division is in turmoil, with Matthew Macklin emerging as a major contender despite being jobbed against Felix Sturm, and other guys like Andy Lee legitimizing themselves.

At cruiserweight, Cunningham lost his titles to Hernandez, and in other action, Antonio Tarver entered the division with a win over Danny Green. Heavyweight also needs to be updated, as we revisit the top 10 there after Vitali Klitschko dominated Tomasz Adamek.

Finally, we go to the super bantamweights, where the number 1 guy out there continued his winning ways, as Toshiaki Nishioka defeated Rafael Marquez.

Lots of action, and four brand new top 10s for our boxing weight class rankings. Be sure to check them all out, chime in with your opinions and keep on coming back to ProBoxing-Fans.com for more of the breaking boxing news updates and coverage you need.