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Miguel Cotto vs. Sergio Martinez results & round by round updates

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Martinez vs. Cotto Round by Round Results:

On Saturday, June 7th, Miguel Cotto returns to the site of some of his biggest wins and best performances at Madison Square Garden, as he moves up to middleweight to challenge the division’s kingpin, Sergio Martinez. Right here is your spot to check out live Cotto vs. Martinez results coverage, as well as updates from the entire undercard and all of the earlier action.

Cotto vs. Martinez Scorecard

Sergio Martinez6999109999
Miguel Cotto10101010910101010

Cotto vs. Martinez Round by Round Results

Rd 1: Cotto coming out pressing forward, throwing hard jabs. Sergio just gauging distance. Cotto misses with a hook. Cotto lands a big left hook upstairs and Martinz is hurt. Crowd is erupting! Martinez staggered and holding on. And Martinez down!! He gets up but still not on solid legs. Cotto lands another left hook and Martinez down again. Crowd is insane! Martinez looking dazed. Martinez down a third time!!!!! Cotto going for the kill. Martinez makes it out of the round but barely. Holy cow what a start to the fight!

Rd 2: Cotto stalking to stat the round, Martinez just trying to steady himself. He still doesn’t look right. Gets tagged by a right hand. Martinez looking to counter Cotto but way slow right now. Martinez down but ruled a slip correctly. Cotto lands a right hand. Sergio with a 1-2. Cotto’s round.

Rd 3: Crowd at the Garden continues to be absolutely insane, if Cotto continues at this rate, the building might explode. And he’s coming out and pressing forward. Now they clinch and Martinez gets back to the center of the ring. Martinez lands his first meaningful punches of the night, a 3 punch combo, and Cotto nails him with a left hook for his trouble. Cotto briefly gets Martinez to the corner but he circles out. Martinez picking things up a little, lands a good jab. Looking to 1-2. Martinez got himself in the fight here, but still not his round.

Rd 4: Martinez still trying to steady himself and get into a rhythm in this fight. Cotto not going to let that happen. Cotto nails him with a body shot, Martinez gets fired up and waves him in. Cotto has him on the ropes now, Martinez fights off. If Martinez’s boxing won’t win him the day, he’s saying he’s going to stand and make this a battle. Cotto obliging and now the two are trading.

Rd 5: Crowd boos as Martinez gets his trunks adjusted for a quick second, halting the action. Cotto still in seek and destroy mode. Action much slower right now, as Martinez finally has his legs under him, and perhaps Cotto’s first wind has passed. Cotto pushes him into the ropes, Martinez hangs out with his hands down. They trade jabs. Martinez with a double jab. Cotto comes in but mostly misses, gets him back to the ropes. Martinez circles away quickly. Martinez with a 1-2. This could be his first round of the night.

Rd 6: Martinez with a series of jabs then a straight to the body. Cotto bulls forward and they clinch. Cotto has definitely slowed down a notch, and Martinez steadier. He’s landing now. Cotto lands a left hook but without near the steam it had earlier. Martinez with a straight left, Cotto answers to the body, then to the head. Cotto lands a low blow but it goes unseen. Cotto with a jab. Close round to Cotto 59-52 for Cotto

Rd 7: Cotto gets Martinez to the ropes and starts doing some good work. They tie up and Cotto back to stalking. Cotto with a nice body shot. Martinez a big swing and a miss. Cotto with a nice right hand upstairs. Cotto with a good combination as he charges in. Martinez looking to jab. Hands down again. Cotto gets Martienz coming in. Cotto now finding a home for the straight right. Looks like another Cotto round. 69-61.

Rd 8: Sergio is steady now but it also doesn’t seem like he has the energy, power or wherewithal to actually turn this fight around. The gap on the scorecard is so huge that he needs multiple knockdowns to even make a dent. But it’s Cotto who’s still landing the cleaner, harder shots. Cotto snaps his head back with a jab. The crowd boos as Sergio complains to the referee. Martinez slips but no knockdown. They trade jabs at the end of the round, punctuated by another Cotto right. Cotto again. 79-70

Rd 9: Cotto lands an uppercut that shakes Martinez up a bit. He’s just looking out of steam. Cotto goes right back to the uppercut and lands it again. Cotto has him on the ropes now and lands a left hook. Martinez looking gassed and maybe ready to go. Cotto pressing and stalking him around the ring. Cotto with another hook. Crowd loving every minute of it. Martinez throwing very few punches in return. Cotto snaps his head back with a jab. Now they’re calling a knockdown. Wow, so another 10-8 to make this 89-68

And Martinez doesn’t come out for the 10th round!! That’s it, Cotto is the winner and the new middleweight champion of the world! And he makes Puerto Rican history in the process. What an epic performance from Cotto in front of his fans at Madison Square Garden!

Undercard Results & Fight Night Updates

Wilfredo Vazquez Jr vs. Marvin Sonsona II

Vazquez scored a 4th round KO over Sonsona almost 4 and a half years ago. Since then, their fortunes have changed, with Vazquez Jr. stepping up in competition and losing to the top tier level of opponent he has faced, while Sonsona has put together a winning streak.

Sonsona starts the fight strong, aggressive and active. Vazquez gets sent to the canvas and Sonsona is dominating the action.

Vazquez though coming back, while Sonsona’s work rate is dropping off. Whether Vazquez did something or Sonsona gassed out early or simply changed tactics, hard to tell. But Vazquez has been able to string together a couple of rounds and get momentum about midway through the fight.

Sonsona loses a point in the 6th. It was a punch behind the head in a clinch and the referee quickly jumped in and is trying to get control of the bout.

An accidental head butt though starts the 7th with Sonsona going down after taking the impact on his noise. If it’s not broke it’s definitely hurt. Then we have a low blow from Vazquez, called accidental. Sonsona taking lots of incidental damage here, but still has a solid session.

96-92 Sonsona, 96-93 Vazquez, 96-92 Sonsona, winner via split decision

Jorge Melendez vs. Javier Maciel

The crowd at MSG is fired up to see this one, a clash between a Puerto Rican fighter in Melendez, and an Argentine in Maciel. Melendez expected to win but he seems to be a guy with a ceiling so we’ll see just where that is here.

It didn’t take long for this one to get a big ugly and rough and tumble. In the 4th, Melendez got called for a low blow, and Maciel came back and scored a knockdown. Melendez tried to laugh it off but he was hurt.

Lots of physical back and forth action in Round 5. Maciel getting the better of things, but Melendez firing back and landing his own shots. Continuing in the 6th, with more close back and forth action, and each guy landing damaging blows. They’re both tiring, and there’s more holding and clinching now, and some sloppier shots.

94-94, 96-92, 97-91, Majority Decision for Javier Maciel.

Andy Lee vs. John Jackson

Andy Lee felt the power that runs in the Jackson family in the 1st round, being sent to the canvas on a short right hand shot. Lee than began boxing and keeping his distance, to the disdain of the crowd through rounds 2-3.

That continued until the 5th, when Lee obliterated Jackson with a one punch counter right hand
knockout. Lee had been in trouble and was on the ropes, but he found the perfect shot he needed and
sent Jackson to sleep.

In earlier action, Felix Verdejo scored a TKO victory at 1:17 of the 1st round to improve his record to 13-0 with 10 KOs. Fellow Puerto Rican super prospect Jose Lopez also went to 13-0, 10 KOs, with a lopsided decision victory over his opponent.

After the fights are done with, be sure to continue checking back for more, including the aftermath and post-fight analysis, rankings updates, and everything else you need, and thanks for stopping by for our live coverage and round by round blog of the Cotto vs. Martinez results!