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Mikaela Lauren: My power will shock Klara Svensson & put her down for the count

Credit: KGZ Fougstedt

Mikaela Laurén (27-3, 12 KOs) says she will send Swedish rival Klara Svensson (16-1, 5 KOs) to sleep when the female fighters meet for the interim WBC Welterweight title on September 10 at the Hovet in Stockholm.

Laurén believes Svensson lacks punch resistance, citing her 2015 World title defeat to WBC Light Welterweight Champion Erica Farias, in which the 28 year-old suffered a heavy knockdown in the fifth-round, as evidence.

On this occasion, Svensson was able to find her feet, eventually losing a ten-round decision, but ahead of their blockbuster clash, Laurén has sent a chilling message to her domestic foe, stating this time, she will not hear the final bell.

‘’Of course, I’ve watched the Farias fight, I’ve seen Klara get knocked down, and that has given me a lot of confidence,’’ says Laurén. ‘’I know I’m much stronger than that opponent, and if she can hurt Klara, then so can I.

‘’Klara has never felt power like mine before, and when I hit her it will shock her, and she will wish she never took this fight. She may have recovered from Farias’ punches, but when I land my shots, she won’t get back up, she’s going down for the count.’’

Laurén, who has won her last three World title fights inside the distance, has reiterated her belief that she will be too big and too powerful for Svensson, and has laughed off suggestions that her opponent can put on the necessary muscle mass to match her strength.

‘’There is no way she can be stronger than me,’’ she says. ‘’I’ve seen that she has been lifting lots of weights, but that wont help, it’s not possible for her to put on the muscle weight she needs during this short period of time. I’m already strong for my weight class, and I’m going to be even stronger at welterweight.’’

Tickets for the interim WBC Female World Welterweight title fight between Mikaela Laurén and Klara Svensson on September 10 at the Hovet are available online via www.globearenas.se and www.axs.com or by calling 0771-31 00 00.