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Mohegan Sun to unveil new RingSide Scoring app for fans, with electronic Judging Scoring System

Credit: Mohegan Tribe

At this Saturday’s event by CES Boxing at the Mohegan Sun Arena, a new fight app RingSide Scoring will be released, in tandem with the electronic Judging Scoring System (JSS). The app will allow fight fans to score along during the fight round by round. Fans will be able to see their score, the average fan’s scores and at the end of the fight, the judge’s scores are seen on the app too.

(Pictures of the “travel-ready” electronic Judging Scoring System)

This is possible due to the JSS, the only electronic scoring system used by judges worldwide. The JSS does not change the way a fight is scored, it just allows judges to enter their scores electronically. This system eliminates errors and speeds the process up for the commissioners.

The JSS has been used by the WBC in Mexico, as well as fights in Japan and Puerto Rico. Reports are that both judges and referees have had positive experiences with the electronic system, due to ease of use and convenience.

The RingSide Scoring app was tested last year at Mohegan with a small group of 50 people, and is now going to be utilized by a larger crowd. On Saturday night, the arena will be providing the app to fans for free hoping to get as many people as possible to download and use it to try it out.